Names That Mean Death: 200+ Powerful Options

You might wonder, “Why on earth would anyone want a name that means death?” Well, my curious friend, the reasons are as varied as the names themselves. You may be a writer crafting the perfect villain. Perhaps you’re expecting a little bundle of joy and want them to strike fear into the hearts of playground bullies from day one. Or maybe you just really, really like black.

Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the globe, dug through ancient tomes, and possibly summoned a demon or two (don’t ask) to bring you over 200 names that mean death. From the eerily beautiful to the downright terrifying, these names are guaranteed to add a touch of darkness to your day. So, grab your favorite skull-shaped mug, dim the lights, and let’s get naming!

Captivating Names That Mean Death

Captivating Names That Mean Death

Death has a thousand faces, and just as many names. In cultures across the globe, the concept of mortality has been personified, deified, and woven into language in fascinating ways. The following 30 names are more than just spooky monikers – they’re linguistic time capsules, each one a window into how different societies have grappled with the ultimate human experience.

From whispered fears to celebrated deities, these names capture the complex relationship we have with our mortality. So, take a deep breath, and let’s embark on this lexical dance with death.

1. Thanatos

Greek origin, meaning “death” personified as a god in mythology.

2. Morrigan

Irish origin, a goddess associated with fate, war, and death.

3. Azrael

Hebrew origin, the Angel of Death in some traditions.

4. Kalma

Finnish origin, goddess of death and decay.

5. Anubis

Egyptian origin, the god associated with mummification and the afterlife.

6. Mara

Buddhist origin, a demon personifying the death of the spiritual life.

7. Samael

Hebrew origin, often considered a fallen angel or angel of death.

8. Hel

Norse origin, goddess who rules over the realm of the dead.

9. Yama

Hindu and Buddhist origin, god of death and the underworld.

10. Morana

Slavic origin, goddess of winter and death.

11. Izanami

Japanese origin, goddess of creation and death.

12. Supay

Incan origin, god of death and ruler of the underworld.

13. Coatlicue

Aztec origin, goddess of life, death, and rebirth.

14. Osiris

Egyptian origin, god of the dead and afterlife.

15. Donn

Irish origin, god of the dead and ancestor of the Gaels.

16. Mot

Canaanite origin, personification of death, and ruler of the underworld.

17. Shinigami

Japanese origin, meaning “death god” or “death spirit”.

18. Nephthys

Egyptian origin, goddess associated with death, service, and lamentation.

19. Xolotl

Aztec origin, god of lightning and death.

20. Hades

Greek origin, god of the underworld and the dead.

21. Persephone

Greek origin, queen of the underworld and goddess of spring growth.

22. Nergal

Mesopotamian origin, god of war, plague, and the underworld.

23. Baron Samedi

Haitian Vodou origin, loa of the dead.

24. Ereshkigal

Mesopotamian origin, goddess of the underworld.

25. Mictlantecuhtli

Aztec origin, god of the dead and king of Mictlan (underworld).

26. Orcus

Roman origin, god of the underworld and punisher of broken oaths.

27. Charon

Greek origin, the ferryman of the dead across the rivers Styx and Acheron.

28. Ah Puch

Maya origin, god of death and ruler of Metnal (underworld).

29. Arawn

Welsh origin, king of the otherworld, and associated with death and terror.

30. Freyja

Norse origin, goddess associated with love, beauty, and death.

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Boys’ and Girls’ Names That Mean Death

In cultures worldwide, names have long been used to embody our complex relationship with mortality. This collection of 50 boys’ and girls’ names, each linked to death or the afterlife, offers a unique glimpse into how different societies conceptualize life’s end. From ancient deities to modern interpretations, these names carry powerful meanings that resonate across time and borders.



1. Mortimer – Latin origin, meaning “dead sea”.

2. Keres – Greek spirits of violent death.

3. Balor – Irish god associated with death and destruction.

4. Mors – Roman personification of death.

5. Crnobog – Slavic god of darkness and death.

6. Anguta – Inuit god of the dead.

7. Camazotz – Mayan bat god associated with death

8. Malik – Arabic name meaning “king,” also a name for the guardian of hellfire.

9. Supay – Incan god of death and ruler of the underworld.

10. Yanluo – Chinese god of death and the underworld.

11. Andjety – Egyptian god associated with the underworld.

12. Sarpedon – Greek mythological figure, son of Zeus, associated with death in battle.

13. Erlang – Chinese god who judges the dead.

14. Veles – Slavic god of the underworld and death.

15. Mot – Canaanite god of death and the underworld.

16. Batara Kala – Javanese god of destruction, death, and the underworld.

17. Aita – Etruscan god of the underworld.

18. Dumuzid – Mesopotamian god of the underworld.

19. Xipe Totec – Aztec god of death and rebirth.

20. Soranus – Etruscan underworld god.

21. Charun – Etruscan demon of death.

22. Ogbunabali – Igbo god of death.

23. Malthus – Demon of death in Christian demonology.

24. Aker – Egyptian god of the earth and underworld.

25. Bergelmir – Norse giant who survived the flood of blood from Ymir’s death.


Girls Names That Mean Death

1. Nyx – Greek goddess of night, often associated with death and darkness.

2. Libitina – Roman goddess of funerals and burial.

3. Sedna – Inuit goddess of the sea and underworld.

4. Bacia – Slavic name linked to a supernatural being, sometimes associated with death.

5. Cihuacoatl – Aztec goddess of motherhood and death.

6. Proserpina – Roman goddess of the underworld.

7. Pele – Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, destruction, and death.

8. Mictecacihuatl – Aztec goddess of death and the underworld.

9. Manea – Polynesian goddess of death.

10. Allatu – Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld.

11. Baba Yaga – Slavic supernatural being associated with death.

12. Hella – Norse goddess of the underworld.

13. Maman Brigitte – Haitian Vodou loa of death.

14. Andraste – Celtic goddess of death and victory.

15. Xochitl – Aztec goddess associated with death and rebirth.

16. Macaria – Greek goddess of blessed death.

17. Lamashtu – Mesopotamian demoness associated with death.

18. Ran – Norse goddess of the drowned dead.

19. Marzanna – Slavic goddess of death and winter.

20. Oya – Yoruba orisha of death and rebirth.

21. Ereskigal – Sumerian goddess of the underworld.

22. Freya – Norse goddess associated with death and the afterlife.

23. Skuld – Norse Norn (fate goddess) associated with the future and death.

24. Morta – Roman goddess of death.

25. Hine-nui-te-pō – Maori goddess of night and death.

Names That Embody Chaos and Ruin


1. Abaddon – Hebrew name meaning “destruction” or “the destroyer”.

2. Shiva – Hindu god associated with destruction and transformation.

3. Kali – Hindu goddess of time, change, and destruction.

4. Fenrir – Norse wolf destined to destroy the world during Ragnarök.

5. Apep – Egyptian serpent deity of chaos and destruction.

6. Sekhmet – Egyptian goddess of war and destruction.

7. Kampe – Greek monster associated with destruction and guarding Tartarus.

8. Surtr – Norse fire giant who will destroy the world with fire.

9. Pralaya – Sanskrit term for cosmic dissolution or destruction.

10. Typhon – Greek monster associated with destructive storms.

11. Rudra – Vedic god of storms and destruction.

12. Nergal – Mesopotamian god of war, pestilence, and destruction.

13. Balor – Irish mythological figure with a destructive eye.

14. Ravana – Demon king in Hindu mythology known for his destructive powers.

15. Huitzilopochtli – Aztec god of war and destruction.

16. Ahriman – Zoroastrian spirit of destruction and darkness.

17. Erra – Mesopotamian god of war and destruction.

18. Calamity – English word name representing disaster and ruin.

19. Vesuvius – Name of the infamous volcano that destroyed Pompeii.

20. Tempest – English word name for a violent storm.

21. Ragnar – Norse name meaning “warrior” or “judgment,” associated with Ragnarök.

22. Eris – Greek goddess of strife and discord.

23. Mara – Buddhist demon of destruction and temptation.

24. Tiamat – Babylonian goddess of primordial chaos.

25. Badb – Irish goddess of war and destruction.

26. Hel – Norse goddess ruling over a realm of the dead.

27. Xolotl – Aztec god associated with lightning and destruction.

28. Mahakala – Buddhist deity of destruction and transformation.

29. Nemesis – Greek goddess of retribution and destruction.

30. Yama – Hindu god of death and destruction.

Japanese Names Embodying Death and Demons

Japanese Names Embodying Death and Demons

1. Akuma – Demon or devil.

2. Shinigami – Death god or grim reaper.

3. Oni – Ogre or demon.

4. Yūrei – Ghost or phantom.

5. Kage – Shadow (often associated with death).

6. Kuro – Black (symbolizing darkness and death).

7. Reiko – Ghost child.

8. Mononoke – Vengeful spirit.

9. Tamashii – Soul or spirit.

10. Yami – Darkness.

11. Kuchisake – Slit-mouthed woman (a type of urban legend demon).

12. Tengu – Supernatural creature or goblin.

13. Yokai – Supernatural monster or spirit.

14. Obake – Shape-shifting creature.

15. Kurome – Black eyes (associated with demonic entities).

16. Akuryō – Evil spirit.

17. Jigoku – Hell.

18. Shikome – Ugly woman (associated with underworld demons).

19. Bakemono – Shapeshifter or monster.

20. Yōkai – Supernatural being.

21. Kitsune – Fox spirit (can be benevolent or malevolent).

22. Ryū – Dragon (sometimes associated with destructive forces).

23. Kappa – Water demon.

24. Inugami – Dog spirit (often vengeful).

25. Tsukuyomi – Moon god (associated with night and death in some contexts).

26. Izanami – Goddess of creation and death.

27. Enma – Judge of the dead.

28. Gashadokuro – Giant skeleton monster.

29. Hannya – Demon mask representing a jealous female spirit.

30. Jorōgumo – Spider woman demon.

31. Nekomata – Forked-tail cat demon.

32. Raijin – Thunder god (associated with destruction).

33. Shuten-dōji – Demon leader in Japanese folklore.

34. Yatagarasu – Three-legged crow (associated with divine intervention, sometimes in death).

35. Zashiki-warashi – Child ghost.

36. Gaki – Hungry ghost.

37. Orochi – Giant serpent demon.

38. Yuki-onna – Snow woman spirit.

39. Kasha – Demon that steals corpses.

40. Mokumokuren – Spirits that inhabit torn paper screens.

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Greek Names of Doom and Darkness

Greek Names of Doom and Darkness

1. Akhlys – Primordial goddess of misery and poison.

2. Amphiaraus – Seer who became an oracular hero after death.

3. Askalaphos – Underworld daemon who tends Hades’ orchards.

4. Brimo – Chthonic goddess associated with terror and rage.

5. Ceuthonymus – An infernal daemon.

6. Daeira – Underworld nymph and attendant of Persephone.

7. Epiales – Spirit of nightmares.

8. Eurydice – Wife of Orpheus, associated with the underworld journey.

9. Gorgyra – Underworld river nymph.

10. Ialemos – Daemon of dirges and lamentations.

11. Iapetos – Titan associated with mortality.

12. Kakia – Spirit of vice and moral badness.

13. Koalemos – Spirit of stupidity and foolishness.

14. Limos – Spirit of hunger and starvation.

15. Lyssa – Spirit of mad rage and frenzy.

16. Menoetes – Underworld herdsman.

17. Mormolykeia – Frightening underworld spirit.

18. Nosos – Spirit of disease and plague.

19. Oizys – Spirit of misery and suffering.

20. Palioxis – Spirit of backrush, flight, and retreat in battle.

21. Poine – Spirit of vengeance and retribution.

22. Praxidike – Goddess of judicial punishment.

23. Rhadamanthys – Judge of the dead.

24. Scotos – Spirit of darkness.

25. Taraxippus – Ghost that frightens horses.

26. Teletē – Spirit of initiation into the Mysteries.

27. Thánatos – Personification of non-violent death.

28. Trophonios – Chthonic hero and oracle.

29. Xanthus – One of the horses of Hades.

30. Zagreus – Underworld god associated with the Orphic mysteries.

Cool Names That Mean Death


1. Anguta – Inuit god of the dead.

2. Batara Kala – Javanese god of destruction and death.

3. Charon – Greek ferryman of the dead.

4. Dhumavati – Hindu goddess associated with death.

5. Ereshkigal – Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld.

6. Freyja – Norse goddess receiving half of battle-slain.

7. Giltinė – Lithuanian goddess of death.

8. Iku – Yoruba god of death.

9. Jikininki – Japanese corpse-eating ghoul.

10. Libitina – Roman goddess of funerals.

11. Meng Po – Chinese goddess of forgetfulness in the underworld.

12. Nephthys – Egyptian goddess associated with death.

13. Ogbunabali – Igbo god of death.

14. Pesta – Scandinavian personification of the Black Death.

15. Qebehsenuef – Egyptian god, protector of intestines of the dead.

16. Ran – Norse goddess of the drowned.

17. Sedna – Inuit goddess of sea and marine animals, also associated with the underworld.

18. Tuchulcha – Etruscan demon of the underworld.

19. Ukobach – Lesser demon in Hell’s hierarchy.

20. Veles – Slavic god of earth, waters, and the underworld.

21. Whiro – Māori embodiment of darkness and evil.

22. Xolotl – Aztec god of lightning and death.

23. Yaotzin – Aztec god of night and darkness.

24. Zalambur – Armenian demon of death.

25. Ah Puch – Maya god of death and the underworld.

26. Babi – Egyptian demon, “Bull of the Baboons,” devourer of the dead.

27. Camazotz – Maya death god associated with night and bats.

28. Donn – Irish god of the dead.

39. Erlik – Turkic and Mongolian god of death.

30. Fames – Roman personification of hunger and starvation.

Final Thoughts

Exploring these names that mean death from around the world, we’ve glimpsed the shared human struggle to understand mortality. Each name carries centuries of stories, fears, and hopes, connecting us to our ancestors’ attempts to face the unknown. In learning them, we’ve not only discovered cool-sounding labels but also touched a deep, universal part of the human experience.

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