How to Prep and Paint Your Bathroom

From hiding unsightly mildew stains to simply brightening up a space, a fresh coat of semi-gloss paint can have a dramatic effect on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. However, many first-time and even experienced DIYers make the tragic mistake of not properly prepping the walls or applying the wrong primer and paint, […]

The Busy Parents’ Guide to Quick Home Staging

Sellers who properly stage their homes may see an improvement in the amount of time it takes to sell and the final sale price. Thus, presenting a house for the buyer will optimize the seller’s chances of selling. However, sellers with kids may find staging difficult. Simply keeping the home clean day to day can […]

Finding your Soul Paint (Sponsored Video)

Sometimes just the right color of paint can be easier said than done. You want a color that matches you and your lifestyle as well as the other decor, flooring and furniture in your home. ACE Hardware is putting a spin on picking the perfect paint color with their new Find Your Soul Paint app. […]