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  • Also be sure to let us know if you’re willing to donate a second item for a giveaway. Running a giveaway with a product review is highly recommended.

In order to do a review, a non-returnable full size sample is required. For the review I will post a review (including pictures, links, etc.). Review items WILL NOT BE RETURNED. In the event that we do not like the product reviewed, you will be contacted before posting to see if you want a negative/not positive post. You will then have the option to cancel the review post or allow me to post all aspects (including negative) portions of the product in my review.

Pop Alerts

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Travel Destinations

We love to travel and feature family friendly destinations, hotels and vacations! With our coverage we include pictures, a write up about the attractions and more. Our schedule is extremely busy but we will do our best to try and accommodate you.

In the past we have covered wonderful destinations such as Branson, Mo.


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