Is it wise to buy a car at auction?


The answer to that question is: it can be, if you know what you’re doing. You can snap up a car for significantly less than the going rate at an auction – but equally, you could pay through the nose for something that might not even last the drive home. Say you’re in the market for a decent used van. You could head here to a traditional dealer, or take your chances at a dedicated light … [Read more...]

Conscientious Couponing – Avoiding Coupon Scams

coupon scams

  by Clinton Wilson Frugality made a big comeback when the Great Recession began in early 2008. Trundling through this sluggish recovery, a significant number of Americans are counting on online coupons to bring them discounts on everything from groceries to vacations, electronics, and even high fashion. An estimated 63% of shoppers search for online coupons and deals when they purchase … [Read more...]

7 Myths About Large-Item Donation

Most people regularly give food, clothes, and books to people in need, but only a select few around the country have ever donated large items like kitchen appliances, furniture, or vehicles to charity. The infrequency of large-item donation is likely due to a general misunderstanding of how the process works and what benefits come from it. In truth, large-item donation is vastly different from the … [Read more...]

Shopping for a Used Car? These Rides Are Your Best Bet


In the midst of tough economic times and due to the fact that car manufacturers have seriously upped their game in quality, more and more people are shopping for used cars than ever before. This can be an incredibly wise move but, as is always the case when buying used cars, there are some makes and models that hold up longer and better than others. While some people certainly do prefer to buy … [Read more...]

The Importance of Searching For Car Specials When Buying a Car


There are countless advertisements that run every day encouraging consumers to search for the best price when purchasing a car. The increase of technology has led to the creation of websites that can help people find a comparative rate on a vehicle. That is because people are more aware of what a fair price on a car is now more than ever.    Where and When Should You Start Looking … [Read more...]