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Yes, You Can Complete a Doctorate! Even with Young Children at Home

Thanks to an influx of online degree programs through such reputable schools as Maryville University, the doors are being opened by those who may not have thought they could get a degree. One particular group of people learning about the benefits of enrolling in an online EDD program is moms with young children at home. It used to be that having kids at home pretty much meant that furthering your education was out of the question, but an online EDD degree is more than attainable.

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Finding Balance at Home

For busy moms it can be hard to find balance in your life. How can you possibly fit in looking after the kids, while attending classes in a degree program? Well, that’s where the beauty of online learning really comes into play. With these programs you are often able to learn on your own schedule, spending a few nights a week on your studies. This can be after the kids head to bed for the evening, so you aren’t taking away any time from them.

Not only does the scheduling work for busy moms, the budget is usually much easier to handle. Online programs typically cost much less than if you were to enroll as a full-time student. Again this can mean the difference between pursuing your degree and not being able to go for it. As well, you won’t have to worry about commuting to and from the campus, which means you’ll be saving money right there.

No Need to Quit Your Day Job

Maybe you aren’t a stay-at-home mom; perhaps you have a day job while the kids are in day care. Again, there is no need to make drastic changes to your life. You can keep that day job and that source of income, and focus on learning in the evenings and on weekends. All you will require is a computer in your home with a reliable and fast internet connection.

Set Yourself Up for Success

If you do decide to go ahead with an online degree program, there are a few things you can do to ensure you are successful. While you obviously want to finish the program as quickly as possible, it’s really important you don’t take on more than you can handle. You may want to start out with just a few courses/classes and see how you do with that workload. You can always add more to your schedule later on.

It’s also important that everyone is on board with your online degree program. You need support from family and friends so that they understand you need to set aside time for your studies. This may mean they can offer babysitting from time to time or just act as that ear when you need to vent.

Lastly, it’s important to stay focused and remember the end goal. It can be really easy to become discouraged and when those feelings creep in you need to remind yourself this is to provide you with a better and more rewarding future.

Moms Can Have it All

There is absolutely no reason that as a mom you can’t have it all: a rewarding career and that home life that you’ve always dreamed of.





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