Health & FitnessWhy Women Are Taking Control of Their Bodies With Vaginal Rejuvenation

Why Women Are Taking Control of Their Bodies With Vaginal Rejuvenation

You may have heard about cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, breast implants and face lifts. But women are learning different techniques that can improve their bodies with gynecological cosmetic surgery. Whether they need to change the appearance of their labia, boost their sexuality or strengthen the vagina after child birth, women are finding different ways to feel good both aesthetically and physically.

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Boost Self-Confidence

From the time of conception, women try to do everything that they can to improve the health and wellness of their children. Whether it’s eating a healthy diet, exercising or avoiding alcohol, there are a number of things you can do naturally. But sometimes pregnancy can wreak havoc with a woman’s body, especially after childbirth. Although exercises such as Kegals and yoga can help improve the muscles in the vagina, surgical vaginal rejuvenation provides an immediate resolution for women. The procedure focuses on repairing muscles inside the vagina that have become lax after childbirth or with age. The outcome offers greater sexual satisfaction for both women, and their partners. Stronger internal muscles also provides relief from urinary continence distress.

Better Aesthetic Appearance

Vaginal rejuvenation surgeries aren’t solely to help women gain their self-confidence during sex. Some undergo various procedures because they are embarrassed by the appearance of the labia. Because the labia is one of the most visible parts of a woman’s anatomy, it’s common for some to feel self-conscious about its appearance. Labiaplasty surgery reduces or enhances the inner and outer areas of the vaginal lips by forming better aesthetic contouring. Labia surgery can also be performed for medical issues such as to help with incontinence problems and to ease discomfort. The process is quick, painless and offers excellent results to the patient. While some women schedule this surgery alone, others schedule vaginoplasty surgery with the labiaplsty for an overall vaginal rejuvenation.

Enhance Sexual Stimulation

Most commonly known as the G-spot, the Gräfenberg area is an erogenous zone that is housed internally on a woman near the front of the wall of the vagina. When the G-spot is stimulated, it often leads to a stronger and more intense orgasm. But it can be often difficult for a partner to locate the right area. Because women are taking a more proactive approach to their sexual satisfaction, many are undergoing G-spot augmentation. This non-surgical process uses an injection to help enlarge the area of the G-spot to a size similar to that of a quarter. The thickness is also augmented. Approximately 85 percent of women who have undergone the process reported enhanced sexual gratification and arousal afterward.

Cultural or Religious Influences

The hymen was used in the past as a way for a woman to prove her virginity. But in today’s modern era, the thin membrane that shields the vagina opening may break for reasons other than sex such as through the use of tampons or vigorous exercise sessions. Whether your reason is personal, cultural or religious, another form of vaginal surgery women may find useful is hymen reconstruction or repair. Hymenoplasty helps to restore the hymen back to its unbroken status through a number of different techniques. The procedure is simple and can be done on an outpatient basis. The hymen restoration actually occurs upon healing and patients may typically resume a normal lifestyle immediately afterward. More vigorous activities such as sex or tampon use should be abstained under the patient is fully recovered.

With the advancements in medical research and technological advances, women no longer need to suffer alone. Whether it’s due to a medical condition such as incontinence, the discomfort of an ill-formed labia or a lack of sexual stimulation, women have a host of cosmetic treatments available to boost their quality of life and achieve greater satisfaction in the bedroom.

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