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Why I Chose The Genesis Framework for WordPress

This post contains affiliate links for the Genesis Framework for WordPress.

There are so many choices out there when it comes to choosing a WordPress theme or framework and I’ve tried most of them..but I also end up coming back to the Genesis Framework and here’s why.

(If you’re a long time reader you’ve probably seen the many changes Mom Fuse has gone through over the years as we did try out different themes and theme frameworks!)… I’ve researched and still often look for new themes or frameworks that I might like best, but I always end up coming right back to the Studiopress Genesis Framework.  Always.

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3 Reasons I Chose Genesis Framework:

I’ve narrowed down my reasons to just three, but there are many more reasons!

1. SEO

The Genesis Framework is already search optimized for you. With better search optimizing that this framework provides the more traffic it will bring you and that will result in more profits for you.

2. Design & Child Themes

Whether you’re building a new site, or revamping a classic, child themes allow you the freedom to re-invent yourself without ever touching the critical code underneath. I love this because when it comes to coding I always tend to mess something up and the Genesis Framework makes it fail-proof!

Genesis is a Framework, so you need it first and then you have the option of choosing one of the 40+ child themes to customize your site the way you like it and they are always adding more so you’re sure to find one theme you like! Also, changing your child theme will in no way effect your SEO.. trust me, I know this!

A few Genesis Theme designers who I have either worked with or used their themes and would recommend:

3. Support

I love the support that the folks over at Studiopress give. Whenever I have a question I simply post it to the forum and within the hour there is always a response. I’ve never had any trouble with getting my questions answered and they’re always very prompt and helpful with my questions.

The Genesis Framework is flexible, it loads quickly, it’s super SEO-friendly and you can find some really great designers who can make you an outstanding blog design. There are also a lot of tutorials out there on the internet that show you step by step how to customize a Genesis Child Theme.

So like I said, I narrowed it down to just three, but there are so many reasons why I love working with the Genesis Framework.

Bonus Round!

My Favorite Genesis friendly plugins that I either use now or have used in the past and had a good experience with:

A few of my favorite blogs to visit for lots of great Genesis tutorials:

These are just a few of my favorites and as I come across some other great Genesis Framework resources I will continue to add to this post. Our Blogging Resource page has a list of WordPress services we recommend and use.

The fine print: Most of this post contains affiliate links but I do truly use the Genesis Framework and highly recommend it along with the other products recommended here.



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