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Why Farmer’s Markets May Be the Better Option for Food Shopping This Flu Season

In these crazy times, your family’s health has probably become your top priority. To cope with the anxiety of daily life, you may have already turned to homeopathic remedies like a Brillia supplement, and chances are you’re looking for more ways to ensure that everyone you care for remains happy and well.

As this year’s flu season swings into action, the role that good nutrition plays in the lives of your loved ones is more critical than ever. To get a leg up on facing down the flu and other viruses, consider buying your fruits and vegetables from a farmer’s market rather than the grocery store. These are just some of the reasons why buying from local producers is better.

Local Foods Are Healthier for Your Body:

Local Foods Are Healthier for Your Body
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In the same way, you might prefer homeopathic over the counter medicine to prevent colds, and you probably recognize that good nutrition plays a role in staying healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables pack an antioxidant punch that optimizes your body’s ability to fight off the flu and other infections. If shop at a farmer’s market, you are more likely to be buying foods that have been picked and sold at their peak. They haven’t traveled hundreds and thousands of miles to reach your grocery store, leaching valuable nutrients along the way. This means local foods are almost always healthier!

Fresh Produce Can Help Reduce Stress:

Not only can nutrient-dense farmer’s market foods boost your physical well-being, but they can also improve your mental state. Along with other natural anxiety remedies, nutritious foods have been found to aid in the treatment of many anxiety disorders. If you’re stressing out about managing your family’s health during flu season, take comfort in knowing that the same fresh foods that keep your body healthy can reduce your anxiety as well.

Fresh Tastes Better:

Local Foods Are Healthier for Your Body
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You can talk to your family about how good fresh produce is for them as far as you’re blue in the face, but your words will fall on deaf ears if what you’re pushing doesn’t taste good. Food that is produced for grocery stores is often done so at the expense of taste. Those fruits and vegetables are bred for mass production and longer shelf life, not for pleasing your palate.

Farmer’s market produces, on the other hand, is often grown from heirloom breeds that focus on appealing qualities like tastiness, juiciness, and crispness. Local growers tend to shun chemical treatments and wax coatings that can interfere with the flavor. Farm-fresh produces just plain tastes better, and because it’s that much more delicious, you won’t have a battle on your hands when it about to get your family to eat more fruits and veggies!

Making sensible choices when it about the foods and supplements your family consumes is vital in maintaining their physical and mental health. During flu season, this is more critical than ever, so always seek out the best products at your local farmer’s market and from reputable online sellers to keep everyone feeling great.


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