Home DecoratingWhy Do I Have Silverfish In My Home?

Why Do I Have Silverfish In My Home?

Despite the name, silverfish are not fish. They are actually small wingless insects, the name refers to the silvery nature of its skin and the fact it looks a little like a fish.

Silverfish consume starchy items, which means they can cause damage to a variety of household objects, including books, clothing, and even food supplies stored in accessible places and containers.

The good news is that they are not harmful to humans as they don’t carry any disease. It is worth noting that they may nibble human hair and dandruff because these items are full of nutrients. But, even if you find them crawling on your pillow they will only consume dandruff, there is no known example of a silverfish biting a human.

You can find out more about silverfish from your local expert but the main issues revolve around the fact they are a nuisance and they can cause allergic reactions. That’s why you should contact a pest control expert and have the silverfish removed from your home.

Silverfish In My Home

How They Got There

It’s always useful to know what attracts a pest to your home and how they get there. This allows you to better prepare to protect your home from the pests.

Silverfish are in your home because they’ve found a way in. As they are very small this means you have cracks in your outer walls. More concerning is the fact that silverfish are generally attracted to damp spots. It’s likely that the gaps and cracks in your walls are the results of water damage. That’s what’s attracted the silverfish and given them a way into your home.

If you’ve got silverfish then you have gaps that need to be checked and sealed, or you’ll find other pests making their way into your home.

Don’t forget that if the cracks have been made by water damage you could have mold or fungi in the walls of your home. This can create health issues and weaken the structure of your home.

The Attraction

As well as the damp that attracts the silverfish they’ll need to know there is a food source for them to enjoy. This is almost certain in any home. Whether you have books, wallpaper, curtains, tapestries, or even old photos, they’ll find them a delicious snack!

You can’t eliminate the food that they find attractive as this is part of your home décor. But, you can eliminate their entry points, making it difficult for them to enter your home in the first place.

Don’t forget, while silverfish are not themselves harmful, the entry route they take is an invitation to others. It’s not only a way in, but the presence of silverfish is also telling you that you may have a water ingress problem that needs to be sorted.

Remember that as you block the entry points and eliminate the silverfish, you’ll want to check for any signs of water damage and take the necessary steps to prevent it from continuing.


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