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When Vacation Meets Adventure: Trips to Thrill the Entire Family

The world’s most amazing places are waiting for you and your family to discover them. Whether you want to enjoy a long road trip to a thrilling destination with your family or if you’re eager to do some overseas travel, the following vacation experiences are sure to be exhilarating for all.

American Southwest Excursions

If you and your family could use some sunshine, you’ll find it in great quantity in the American Southwest in popular destination cities like Santa Fe and Phoenix. Load up the Chrysler and chart your course through American rustic landscapes that are filled with rivers, mountains, and lakes. Consider booking a stay at a rustic Santa Fe lodge or spa where you can enjoy horseback riding and hiking. If you choose to visit Arizona, a visit to the majestic Grand Canyon is a must.

In Search of the World’s Best Sushi: Tokyo Food Tour

If your family loves Asian food and is always on the hunt for a great sushi place, why not turn your love of Japanese cuisine into a food-lover’s vacation? Tokyo and the surrounding region brims with exciting attractions like the Imperial Palace and the Ueno Park and Zoo. Aside from your restaurant tour, you and your family can take in some kabuki theater and do some shopping for souvenirs at the world-famous Ginza District.

Fun in the Baja: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Located at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula, the city of Cabo San Lucas attracts pleasure seekers from all around the world with is amazing water sports like scuba, incredible sailing opportunities, and breathtaking landscapes. For a beach vacation complemented by whale watching, sport fishing, horseback riding, and sunbathing, the Baja region is sure to prove the family trip of a lifetime.

City-Tripping in the Caribbean: Jamaican Tour

From the waterfalls of Ocho Rios to the cobalt blue waters of Negril, the Caribbean Island of Jamaica is sure to thrill your family with its beaches and vibrant culture. Delectable cuisine and thrilling activities like parasailing and river tours await families that choose to vacation on Jamaica. Home to world-class resorts and hotels, Jamaica is easily one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

Hiking Banff National Park

Noted as one of the most spectacular national parks on the planet, Banff National Park is home to stunning scenery like Moraine Lake and the pristine Valley of the Ten Peaks. If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors, there’s plenty to enjoy when you plan a vacation here. Depending on what time of year you visit, you can expect to enjoy a wide array of activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, boating, and camping.

Spending quality time with your family in a thrilling location is sure to add to the well-being of each family member. Simply choose an exciting destination and then plan your exciting adventure getaway. You’ll be so glad you did.


Leslie Padula is a soul seeking Mom of 2 who loves adventure and trying new things. She blogs about her experiences for travel blogs and women’s sites, particularly those aimed at Moms.


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