Pet CareWhat to Do if Your Pet Has an Accident

What to Do if Your Pet Has an Accident

No matter how well trained your cat or dog may be, accidents still happen. Unfortunately, these stains can wreak havoc on your carpet and lead to strong odors if they are not treated properly. With the help of Sears Clean, here are some tips on how to handle the messes that your pet may leave around the house.

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Urine Stains

The first step if your pet urinates in the house is to soak up the mess. It is very important that you accomplish this without spreading the stain, and that this done quickly so that the carpet does not soak through, which can result in damage to the floor beneath. This can be done easily using absorbent materials like rags, paper towels, and newspapers. Place the paper towels on top of the affected area and let them set for a few minutes in order to absorb the liquid. You may also want to place something on top of the paper towels to help the process along.

Once the spot is dry, you need to get rid of the smell because it is possible that a dog or cat may return to this area later. The odor that is often left over from the mess is caused by uric acid, and besides just causing bad smells it can also wear down certain materials, like wood or paint. Luckily, this odor removal is easy to take care of using a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent or vinegar, or even plain baking soda. In carpeted areas, cover the area in the solution and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it away. On wood or tile, mop the floor with one of the above mixtures. There are also specifically made pet stain cleaners that may be beneficial to have on hand.

An additional note for cleaning up these caret stains is to avoid steam cleaners because they can often cause the stain to set and amplify any odors it left behind. Also, be careful with carpet cleaners because certain kinds may damage different kinds of carpet.

Other Stains

Unfortunately not all stains are as easy as above. For feces or vomit it is again important to reach these stains as early as possible. Step one is to remove any solid mess that was left over from your pet. Once only liquid is left over, go ahead and repeat the steps from above. Again, be careful to not increase the area the stain covers.

For older stains, you may need to scrape away any solid residue on the stain before beginning to clean. These kinds of stains may also require a professional cleaning product to reduce any discoloration to the area of your floor.

Keeping Your Home Stain And Odor Free

It is possible that you may become de-sensitized to the types of odor your pets have left behind, and stains can be hard to completely remove by yourself. This makes it important to have your flooring surfaces professionally cleaned a few times a year, especially on carpet. This also does not mean to go rent a steam cleaner instead of going to a legitimate cleaning company. The professionals will clean and remove the stains and smells you don’t notice anymore, but your guests do.





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