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What the Heck is an Ab Belt and Do I Need One?

Ab belts have been catching on in popularity over the past two or three years. The increase in popularity is in part due to the fact we’re always in search of a faster way to get fitness results and also because the technology these devices use has some pretty solid science behind it.

For those that aren’t familiar with what an ab belt is, it’s a device worn around your waist  for 20-30 minutes at a time who’s purpose is to improve the definition, endurance and tone of your abdominal muscles as well as help you get a flatter stomach.


So How do they work?

The majority of ab toning devices use a technology known as electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate your core muscles. EMS works by sending slight electric impulses through the gel pads on the inside of the belt which travel along nerve endings and cause your abdominal and oblique muscles to flex.

The contractions vary from four or five seconds up to more then ten seconds followed by a period of rest which can last anywhere from one to five seconds.

The concept behind this pattern of on off EMS is to simulate an abdominal workout such as if you got down on your back and were doing crunches or sit-ups.


Are they safe?

The majority of abdominal belts available today, including The Flex Belt, Slendertone and Contour Abs, are all cleared by the FDA as a Class II over the counter medical device. In laymen’s terms this means the device is safe when used for its intended purpose of firming your mid section.

There are however some women who should be careful when using an ab toning belt. Those that have recently given birth, and especially those who had a cesarean section should check with their family doctor prior to using one.


Will I really see any results?

This of course is the million dollar question. We all want to believe that these devices are silver bullet flat stomach solutions, but alas they are not.

If you use an ab belt consistently you will notice an improvement in your core stability and abdominal definition. However, these devices do not burn belly fat. So if it’s a flatter stomach you’re after, and you have a bit of body fat around your mid-section, you’ll want to couple the use of an ab belt each week with regular cardio exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming or biking as well as following a healthy diet.


Who Should Consider Buying One?

If you’re someone who is in reasonably good shape and follows a healthy diet then you will likely have the most to gain from using an abdominal toning belt. However if you’ve been a bit lazier the past few months but you’re ready to make a change and become more active and start eating better then you’re also a good candidate for an abs belt.

On the flip side, if you’re someone who is looking for a get slim quick solution and think this might be it, you should probably just leave your credit card in your purse.


Brands to Consider

There are three popular brands of ab belts available right now. The first is The Flex Belt. It’s a low profile device that can be worn under a long sleeve shirt or sweater and includes a rechargeable battery. It also offers the highest levels of intensity of any other belt available right now.

Two others to consider are the Contour Abs belt and the Slendertone bb belt. These devices both use the same EMS technology as The Flex Belt but do have some variance in the features offered.

Before buying any one of these items be sure to familiarize yourself with the available features and compare each brand to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.


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