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What Not to Get the Mother of a Newborn

momandbabyBuying gifts for babies can be so much fun. The clothes, the books, the toys, all of it might seem like a good idea, but new moms might not feel the same way. A good rule of thumb is to stick to the baby registry. No matter how practical (a.k.a. “unfun”) the gifts may seem, the person registered for those baby gifts because they want to receive them.

Practicality is a necessity for any new mom. That big package of diapers will be much appreciated. After scanning the registry, you may decide to buy something more personal for your gift. If you decide to go this route, keep these tips in mind on what not to get the mother of

1. Avoid complicated baby outfits. It’s hard enough to fit a squirming baby into any clothes, let alone clothes with difficult snaps or buttons. Choose something practical for the new parents since in the early stages there will most likely be more than one outfit change a day, as well as multiple diaper changes. Dealing with buttoning and unbuttoning may become a hassle that the parents just won’t want to deal with.

2. Don’t be cheap. Yes, your local dollar store may have a packaged deal for new baby items like pacifiers and lotions, but with inexpensive prices comes lack of quality, which is something you definitely don’t want for a newborn. Their sensitivity to products is high already, so it’s better to choose something that’s been baby-tested and approved.

3. Get the name right. Opting to go with personalized baby gifts is a great idea, but be sure to get the name right! There is more than one way to spell most names, so make sure that your personalized gift has it the way the parents want it spelled. Before placing your order, check the spelling and then check again to verify any typos.

4. Bypass the urge to buy a blanket. Many moms say they receive (and continue to receive) blankets for the baby that they’ll never need, which means that they will most likely never be used. The baby is tiny and they’re not going to need more than one, maybe two blankets. Unless you’re knitting a special homemade gift, spend your baby shower dollars on something else.

5. Newborn shoes. Though cute, a newborn is most likely not going to wear shoes at all. Stick with socks or baby booties to keep the baby’s feet warm, but keep the shoe buying for when the baby is a little bit older.

When it comes to buying gifts for a baby shower, it might be easy to choose what you like versus what the mother-to-be has chosen. The diapers, bottles, baby wipes are all gifts that seem too practical, but they are also items that new parents will go through quickly and need.

Keep in mind that you can also make your gift more personal by how you decide to package the items. Place all gifts in a cute basket or tie them together with a colorful ribbon. Believe me, the last thing a new mother needs is stuff that will cause clutter and not be useful. If you are attending a baby shower soon, use this gift giving guide of what not to buy when you’re thinking of what gift will be best for the new bundle of joy and the parents-to-be.


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