ParentingWhat Having A Family Pet Can Teach Children

What Having A Family Pet Can Teach Children

There are many reasons why you may want to add a four-legged furry addition to your family, a primary one being that there is nothing better for a child than growing up with a companion who will show them constant love and affection.

But, alongside this, and more importantly, a pet will be beneficial to the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of your child, as well as providing a harmonious dynamic for the whole family.

Pets have so many benefits that horses are used for equine therapy, where they help to improve the emotional wellbeing of children and adults. Likewise, children with autism have been shown to make substantial progress with their social skills when they spend time with a pet.

These skills can be taught by most pets, but children will benefit most from growing up with a dog. You know what they say, ‘dogs are man’s best friend’, they become part of the family in a way no other pet can and offer benefits to the entire family.

There is also so much they can teach you children, if you aren’t already scrolling through the list of dogs for sale from Freeads, here are a few reasons why you might want to start looking.

Responsibility – Your child will learn to look out for the signs that mean your pet requires them – are they hungry? Do they need to go outside? Do they need water? Completing chores such as feeding, grooming and cleaning will teach your child how to look after something other than themselves and in turn will grow their confidence, due to having something that relies on them.

Social Skills – In the same way you will find yourself having a conversation with your pet, your child will too. Just by being there your pet offers your child the opportunity to practice socialising and talking with another being.

Trust – A pet is a confidant that a child can tell all their secrets too, that won’t judge them and won’t tell anyone else. This will be the first step towards your child building trust within other relationships.

Academic Skills – Your dog can literally play the role of teacher – studies have shown that animals are actually the perfect way to boost academic skills and many have been trained purely to work in schools, colleges and libraries, both as educational and therapeutic aids.

Pets are also the perfect reading companion for your little one, they feel more relaxed when reading to dogs as opposed to adults – it gives them an opportunity to just enjoy reading without being told they mispronounced a word or skipped a part.

These are just a few of the things a pet can teach your child, besides this they will also learn respect, kindness, friendship and love, among many others.

Remember, a pet isn’t just a ‘teacher’ for your child, they require a large amount of looking after themselves. The benefits of owning a pet can be huge, but it depends on your individual situation whether you are ready for the responsibility that comes with a dog, alternatively you could start with a fish, hamster or rabbit to build up confidence before committing.


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