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Weight Loss While Breastfeeding: How to Lose Extra Weight While Nourishing Your Baby

We are hoping that mothers out there at least try to breastfeed their children. Even if you just nurse your infant for a few weeks, the first milk will give off antibodies to boost your baby’s immune system. Not only that breast milk is safe for the baby, but breastfeeding also helps moms lose weight.

Weight Loss While BreastfeedingYou do not need a special diet when you are breastfeeding your baby. However, your proper diet is very vital for to boost your overall health and energy. When you are nursing your infant, your body needs to compensate for the additional nutritional demands of your baby. It is essential especially when the child increases his or her appetite.

You may obtain your extra nutrients and energy by eating balanced meals to promote the standard weight loss while breastfeeding. When you compensate with the nutritional demands of your little one, you are using up some of your stored fats while you were still pregnant to produce enough milk and energy.

The Link Between Weight Loss and Breastfeeding

When you are still carrying your baby, it is typical to store some fats. You will use up when these extra calories when you breastfeed your infant. The weight loss may vary from one mother to another. Some mothers lose weight in the early weeks of breastfeeding. Others lose some fats later or until they decided to stop breastfeeding after a year or two. In fact, breast milk utilizes a lot of kilojoules to continue nursing your baby. Thus, this promotes and increases weight loss.

When breastfeeding your infant, it is ideal to shed some extra weight gradually, using standard processes like following your balanced diet and exercising regularly. A weight loss in breastfeeding moms of up to half a kilo every week is safe and reasonable. With that, you do not need to use crash diets to shed some of your excess weight quickly. Crash and fad diets do not balance out the proper nutrition your body needs, as well as your baby. But, if you want and need to lose weight faster than the average, you should seek the advice of your dietician and physician for a proper weight loss plan.

Useful Hints When Trying to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Allow Your Baby to Set the Pace

For a few months and even years, babies feed at least every three to four hours round-the-clock, which help you lose a few kilos. Thus, you need to watch out for signs of hunger like sucking motions and stirring. Also, remember that as infants frequently need breast milk to sustain nutrition, they also excrete the byproducts through pee and poo. Thus, you need to make sure that you wisely use a cloth diaper. By following these ways, not only that you maintain breastfeeding, but you are also facilitating weight loss through breastfeeding.

Avoid Shopping When You are Hungry

Make sure that you do not do your grocery shopping when you are hungry. Instead, write a list of the nutritious foods your body needs and stick to your diet plan. Make sure not to be tempted to buy products high in sugar and fat levels.

Eat Slowly

Do not allow yourself to hurry while eating. You need to swallow your food properly because this will allow you to feel full while eating. And make sure to try small, frequent feedings.

Choose Snacks that Provides Energy and More Milk

Instead of shopping for junk foods, try to make sure that you include snacks that provide you more energy. Also, try to ensure that these provisions will encourage milk production. Try to go for whole grain products, milk, green leafy vegetables, and fruits.

Cutting Down Fats in Your Diet

To get rid of unwanted fats while breastfeeding, try to select low-fat or fat-free products. You also need to remove any overt fats found in meat before cooking it. You may also use olive oil when you are cooking.

Select Foods Without Added Sweeteners and Sugar

To provide the right nutrition for your baby and your body, you should make sure to avoid foods high in sugar level. Hence, you need to avoid fruit drinks concentrated with sugar and sweeteners. Instead, go for products that are high in energy content.

Exercise Regularly

After doing your chores and caring for your baby, make time to do your exercise routine. Not only that it facilitates good mood, but it also promotes weight loss.

Mothers Who Choose to Nurse Their Babies are Fitter

Experts claim that breastfeeding makes a huge impact on the baby and the mother’s lives. In fact, they have pointed out that nursing mothers are more conscious of what they drink, they eat, and their overall lifestyle and health. They tend to quit smoking and drinking, and they pay too much attention to the nutrition levels of what they eat.

But, there is more to that notion. The production of milk and breastfeeding itself takes a few calories, exactly 300 to 500 calories per day. Thus, when you choose to follow your balanced diet and exercise, you will eventually lose weight. Moreover, breastfeeding may bring a lot of benefits for mothers’ overall well-being. It also prevents post-partum anemia, and it decreases your bleeding time. Also, it helps your body get rid of too many fluids when you are still carrying your baby. Experts also state that nursing your baby will help mothers get back in shape faster. In fact, moms will not gain weight when breastfeeding unless they are excessively eating unhealthy foods.

Are You Losing Too Much Weight While Breastfeeding?

Although breastfeeding helps you shed some few pounds, other nursing moms have the problem of losing too much weight too quickly. If this issue bothers you, you need to do something about it. You need to try to increase the serving size of your meal in each food group. Also, try to prevent consuming foods that do not provide you with the proper nutrients. Foods high in micro and macronutrients will help you gain weight. You may also try to follow small, frequent meals. Then, at least accompany each meal with snacks in between. When the weight loss gets worse, you may consult your doctor and dietician for any advice and support.


Breastfeeding has proven its many wonders to both babies and mothers. In fact, it helps moms lose their unwanted fats accumulated during pregnancy. However, to make sure that you facilitate healthy weight loss when breastfeeding, you need to follow the proper precautions and tips. You should also need not to compromise your milk supply by pushing for your strict diet. What you need to develop is your balanced diet, exercise, and lifestyle.


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