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5 Weight Loss Tips for the Busy Mom

Weight Loss

Have you ever fallen off the diet wagon? We’ve all been there. We never set out to quit, but in those rapid-fire moments when you have about five minutes to eat and there’s only fast food in sight… well, those are enough to knock diet off its pedestal.
The good news is that it does not have to be this way! With a little planning and a positive attitude, you can stick to your diet and actually lose some of the weight you’ve been wanting to shed.

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Here are some tips to help:

1.  Go Easy On Yourself

If you have swing by McDonald’s on the way to a piano recital, it’s OK. So, you got the Big Mac? No big deal. Here’s the important thing to remember: This setback does not mean your commitment to losing weight is over. It’s just a setback. You can start making healthier choices right after you finish wolfing down those fries. Everyone has setbacks. And with your schedule, it would be silly to take a zero-tolerance approach.

2.  Snag Yourself a Weight Loss Buddy

Maybe it’s someone at work or in a mom’s group, but this person will share your desire to lose weight and get healthy. Try to choose someone who is more likely to encourage healthy habits than bad ones. We all have that friend who will encourage the ice cream sundae when your diet calls for you to skip dessert. This is not your weight loss partner. Choosing the wrong partner can derail your efforts before you even begin.

3.  Plan in Advance

If a lack of time is the reason you’re struggling to make healthy choices (it’s the reason for most people), start planning your meals in advance. You may not be able to account for every rushed meal, but if you can plan for most of them, you’ll be much better off. If possible, prepare all your meals for the week in one night. If that doesn’t work, try to dedicate time each night to prepare meals for the following day. If you have a busy day of carting kids around and running errands, bring your lunch in a cooler. It’s much better than stopping at the drive-thru.

4.  Involve the Kids

Let your kids know that you are trying to lose weight in an effort to become healthier. They could play an instrumental role in keeping you on task. Although you may not welcome the feedback as you’re about to bite into a KitKat, you’ll be more likely to stick to your goals.

5.  Consider a Choline Supplement

Avoid diet aids that contain artificial ingredients because they can have dangerous side effects. Choline is an important macro nutrient that can help boost your body’s ability to burn fat. Our bodies produce a small amount of this substance, but we must get the rest from food or choline supplements. Another benefit to this macro nutrient is that it can help boost your energy level, which is great for when it comes time to exercise.

As you begin to change your habits, remember that it’s all about the small choices we make throughout the day. So if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, try breaking it down and think only about the choice in front of you. Choose the healthier option and you’re already making great progress.



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