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4 Effective Ways to Combat Flu This Winter

Ways to Combat Flu

Whether or not you got a flu shot doesn’t mean you will necessarily be immune to influenza. What many people don’t understand about flu vaccines is that they only guard against specific strains formulated into the vaccination. There are other strains out there so your family just might get exposed to a random strain that wasn’t formulated into the vaccine. Even so, there are effective ways to combat flu this winter and here are four of those ways.

Ways to Combat Flu
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1.  Antiviral Pharmaceuticals If You’ve Been Infected

Worst case scenario, you or a family member has been infected. There are antiviral drugs on the market that if taken within the first 48 hours can ward off the worst symptoms of influenza. Some of these medications can be quite expensive if not covered on your insurance so it helps to know where to get coupons and discounts to make them affordable. The best antiviral medication on the market effective against influenza can be purchased at a reduced price through Medication Discount Card with a Tamiflu coupon.

2.  Hygiene Is Imperative

One thing you will want to do is educate your family on the need to wash their hands more often than usual. Every time they handle money or leave the house, they should wash their hands thoroughly with hot soapy water prior to touching their face or eating anything at all. Hand sanitizers are good to carry around but they only bolster the efficacy of a good scrubbing all the way up the arms to the elbow. Remember, germs travel on live hosts!

3.  Sanitizing Wipes Are a Staple in Flu Season

Not only should you regularly wipe off every door handle in the home, but kitchen cupboards and drawers should be sanitized often as well. Anywhere hands are placed can be a hotbed for germs. Clorox or Lysol wipes are a must on any winter shopping list. Also, wipe your mobile phone down daily and try to discourage others from using it. If someone should use your phone, take out a handy sanitizing wipe and thoroughly wipe the surface.

4.  Avoid Unnecessary Contact with the Public

While no one expects you to be a hermit all winter long, remember that many people aren’t as conscientious as you are. If the local health department announces that influenza is widespread in your area, this is a time to cook at home and watch television movies with the family instead of going out to your favorite restaurant and a movie after that. Health laws mandate that workers stay home when ill, but many fear losing their jobs so they report to work obviously infected with a cold or flu. During an outbreak, try to avoid restaurants and fast food places as often as possible. It may appear to be a bit overboard, but influenza can be, and has been, deadly.

Taking precautions is vitally important during flu season, even if you’ve been vaccinated. While you still must go to work and the kids need to attend school, any unnecessary outings should be kept to a minimum. This will help protect you and your family, which in turn, will help stop the spread as you won’t become a carrier. This winter, be safe. Be smart. Take precautions and stay alert.





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