Home & FamilyLooking for Ways to Boost your Home Security? Read this First

Looking for Ways to Boost your Home Security? Read this First

For many, the idea of a stranger gaining access to your property, going through the rooms of your home and rifling through your possessions is the stuff of nightmares. Not only do you potentially lose items you’ve worked hard to purchase and provide for your family but it’s also a huge and unforgivable invasion on your privacy and an intrusion on your lives.

Ways Boost Home Security

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Local councils and the police force work hard to try and keep crime levels down, but is there anything you could do in the meantime to perhaps boost your own home security? We’ve put together a simple list of ways to improve the security around your property that can potentially prevent a burglary which will also give you peace of mind.

Consider Some Signage

It might seem insignificant, but you might be surprised about the effect that signage around a property can have on a potential thief or an opportunist. Beware of the dog, CCTV signage, neighbourhood watch signs and other monitoring signage are some simple yet effective ways to get your message across. Check out myparkingsign.com for the latest designs and prices. It could be enough for someone to think twice about trying to enter your property.

Secure your Doors

It seems obvious, but it might surprise you how many burglars gain access through the front door. Either by forcing their way through an old door, or simply breaking an old style lock. Take some time to check out the doors at the front and back of your property. If they’re old then consider having them fully replaced and fitted with the latest in security locks. If you don’t have the budget to upgrade your doors completely, don’t worry – you can still install a deadbolt or even a strike plate to the door to give you some more protection.

Secure your Windows

You guessed it. The next point of entry would be those old flimsy windows. Apply the same action as above and consider having them replaced. Or alternatively, a window bar installed, or the locks replaced instead.

Light it Up

Believe it or not, thieves and burglars don’t enjoy being in the spotlight, so keeping the outside of your property well-lit will certainly serve as a deterrent. Install lights in your front and back yards. Fix wall lights on either side of your front door, install solar panelled lights along your garden path and in the darker areas of your garden – places where thieves are more likely to hide! You can even install motion sensor lights for a little extra security.

Nowhere to Hide

If someone is watching your property or they’re trying not to be seen, then homes with unkept gardens, overgrown bushes and shrubbery make the ideal target. So, trim those trees and keep everything cut back and tidy. If you have trees near windows then consider having them removed or having your windows reinforced. And make sure your garden furniture is also put away!


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