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VTech LS5145 Review & Bonus Giveaway – Winner Announced

This contest has ended.. our Winner: Trista! Congratulations!


This is a LOADED phone. The VTech LS5145 (priced at $149.95) has all the bells and whistles you could ever need! It even has the ability to sync with your cell phone using bluetooth connectivity!

I am very impressed with this phone. The design is very sleek. The handset is very lightweight but not flimsy. You have many ringtones to choose from and you can also assign a ringtone to a certain caller much like you can on a cell phone. There is a speakerphone on the base which can come in handy if your handset is low on batteries or you like to talk on speakerphone.

Another cool thing is that there is an intercom system built into the phone. My husband loves this because he can be upstairs with babies and the handset and select the intercom feature so that I hear him on the base from downstairs. This might not be a promising feature considering my husband might become very lazy and use the intercom when it’s unecessary! (haha)

Here are some specs about the phone (from

Key Features
  • 5.8 GHz Digital spread spectrum technology
  • Expandable up to 12 handsets and requires only one phone jack
  • Dual caller ID/call waiting*—stores 100 calls
  • Full color LCD in handset
  • High resolution 64K color display
  • Base keypad and speakerphone
  • Polyphonic musical ring tones
  • Recordable musical ring tones—personalize your ring tones by recording directly from your PC, MP3 player or stereo equipment
  • Connects to Bluetooth­ cell phones
Answering System
  • 15 minutes of recording time
  • Answering system available from handset
  • Audible time and date stamp on recorded messages
  • Digital answering system—no tapes or moving parts
Additional Features
  • 100 name and number phonebook directory—easily store and dial frequently called numbers
  • Conference an outside call between handsets
  • Intercom between handsets—no more shouting, “Dinner Time!”
  • Transfer calls between handsets—no more shouting, “It’s for you!”
  • Animated wallpaper—includes animated images preset into the phone
  • Any key answer
  • Backlit keypad and display
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified cordless phone
  • Handset volume control
  • Page/handset locator
  • Selectable ring tones
  • Spare battery charger with power failure backup (spare batteries sold separately)
  • Stylish metallic finish
  • Trilingual prompts—choose between English, Spanish or French
  • Voicemail waiting indicator
  • WiFi friendly—won’t interfere with wireless networks

If you head on over to you can view a demo of the phone and get upclose images allowing you to see the phone very clearly.

The Giveaway

Win A: AT&T  TL92278 Phone (priced at $89.95)

The dual-handset TL92278 is the first cordless phone system to combine Bluetooth connectivity with proprietary DECT 6.0 antenna technology. This new system allows users to connect a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to the base unit for making and receiving cellular calls on the home phone system. Taking a cellular call on the home phone system enables users to roam throughout the house with peace-of-mind that calls won’t be dropped or missed due to poor cell phone reception. Plus, an independent Wyle lab study found that the AT&T DECT phones provide 45 percent more talk range (up to 190 feet) than competing DECT phones.

How to enter:

1. Check out the TL92278 and then leave a comment telling me how cool this would be to win this item!

Extra Entries:

1. Twitter this giveaway and leave a comment here with your Twitter id.

2. Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment below with the URL of your post.

Winner will be chosen January 6th.

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