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How to Make Motherhood Easier: 7 Useful Apps

Life in the twenty first century is easily at its best in terms of resources that are available for dispensing different tasks. Many of the innovations available are understated while the ones that are useful on an industrial scale are drummed up. Take a mother, for instance, how much technology is available, dedicated strictly to your concerns in motherhood? Rather, how much do you know about it, because it is there all right? Do not be worried, this article is here to enlighten you on useful apps that make your parenthood journey much easier.

1) 50,000 Baby Names:

50,000 Baby NamesThe journey of parenthood begins right at conception. That is when you begin to worry about all the things that could go wrong and preparing so that your baby has the best life possible. Sometimes though, the smallest issues can cause the biggest headache. Naming a child can be one of those issues, given the billions of names available. 50, 0000 Baby Names was created to make that a smooth experience. Names are available in different categories, ranging from cultural names, religious names, unusual names, and names that go well together for twins. As a bonus, you get to learn what each name means.

2) BabyBump Pregnancy Pro:

BabyBump Pregnancy ProThe previous app is dedicated to a singular function, and that has its advantages. The BabyBump Pregnancy Pro app, on the other hand, is multi-functional. It has integrated a birth planner, as well as a journal that helps you to track the progression of your weight as well as the babybump’s size. To go along with it, there is a sizeable baby names’ library and community forums. This is especially useful because it allows you to discuss your worries and share information with other expectant women. Isn’t it just nice to have people you can relate with on the same level?

3) MomStamp:

MomStampWhen the baby finally comes, you go from being inhibited from too many activities to an overdrive of responsibilities. You have so many activities that are dependent on you that sometimes it can get overwhelming. This is especially true in first-time motherhood. MomStamp connects you with mothers in your area and they can recommend stuff that you may need, from grocery shops to exercise classes in your area. This is especially useful because most mothers are likely to recommend from experience so you can generally trust any place that they recommend more than you can trust a commercial advert.

4) Shop Savvy:

Shop SavvyParenting drains not just your emotions, but also your finances. Right off the bat, the baby has to be fed and clothed – and children’s do not come cheap – and you also have to start saving for their education as soon as possible. This app saves your finances by allowing you to compare the prices of supplies. It is loaded with more than 22 million different products, all you have to do is can the bar code of the product that interests you, and you get a list of prices in other outlets. If you make an imprudent decision here, it definitely will not be due to lack of information.

5) My Cycles:

My CyclesMillennials nowadays refer to taking care of grown up responsibilities as “adulating.” That name sounds tedious, no? Like it is something you have to carry on your back everywhere. But it is also befitting because you have so many different areas of life that you need to take care of especially when you are a parent, minding two or more lives. The last thing you want is to fall pregnant when you have not planned for it. This app calculates your ovulation cycle and notifies you when your next arrival is and when there is the biggest risk of falling pregnant. From the other perspective, it is ideal for a woman trying to get a baby as it notifies you when you are most likely to make one.

6) OmniFocus:

OmniFocusParenthood, especially in its initial stages seems like the mother’s affair, but it should not be so. This app makes it easier to involve the other parent in all the family activity. It is an integrated life organizer for all activities. It can be integrated with desktop apps and shared with other members of your family for a wider application and better coordination. Once you schedule some activity the other parent learns about it and can communicate promptly if they will not be available. This is not only good for your parenthood but for your relationship because it makes communication so much easier.

7) Baby Monitor 3G:

Baby Monitor 3GThe ultimate worry that every mother has is whether their child is fine when they are not together with them. There are working mothers that leave their children in the hands of babysitters and although they trust them, the only time a parent is at peace is when they can see their child constantly. This is what this app does for you. Others are parents that get their babies while still studying. You may hire paper writing service to lessen your workload, but you need an eye on your child when you are studying for finals or running errands. Baby Monitor 3G allows you to use a device such as laptop, smartphone, smart TV or tablet as a baby monitor, complete with live video and a microphone feed transmitting directly to the other device that you are carrying with you.


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