ReviewsUpSpring Walking Wings Review

UpSpring Walking Wings Review

ww_front1Our twins are crawling all over place and trying to get the hang of learning to walk. So far, it’s not been pretty! Learning to walk comes with lots of boo boo unless you have Walking Wings by Upspring Baby!

Our little girl is more interested in it than our little boy, she’s also a couple of weeks ahead of him development wise, so naturally we tried this on her. She can pull herself up pretty good now (she works very hard all day practicing!) but when she tries to take that first step it’s almost like she is afraid. I can’t blame her really.. I mean if every time I tried to walk I just fell and hurt myself, I would be the same way.. wouldn’t we all? Well, with the Walking Wings she can feel the support and is no longer afraid to take those steps.

Walking Wings helps baby learn to walk more naturally, hands-free, and experiencing fewer falls. The unique padded support vest easily fastens around the chest of the baby and has two adjustable, detachable straps with padded handles for your comfort. It’s healthier for baby’s shoulders because there is no tugging on those cute little arms and it’s kinder to parent’s backs because there is no more bending over! Walking Wings is also pediatrician recommended for babies learning to walk.

Benefits for Childproductwwimage3_lg_orig

  • Balances more naturally with hands free
  • Builds confidence in taking steps
  • Gains a sense of control & freedom
  • Fewer falls

Benefits For Parents

  • Reduces back pain from bending over
  • No tugging & twisting on little arms
  • Adjustable to your height
  • Easy to use!

Product Details:

  • New! Improved Design with more support for baby and increased control for parents
  • Adjustable parent’s straps have padded handles for greater comfort
  • Straps detach, so you don’t have to keep taking Walking Wings on and off baby
  • Padded vest features adjustable hook and loop closure and safety buckle for secure fit
  • Avoid the back pain associated with teaching a baby to walk
  • Walking hands-free helps build self-confidence, babies feel like they’re walking independently
  • Minimizes the number and severity of falls
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Washable, dryer safe
  • Recommended Age: 6 months & up
  • Vest fits: 19 – 26 inch chest circumference

I am absolutely in love with this product. To the person who invented this, you are a genius and a mommy back saver! I think this is simply the best product ever created to help and support babies in their first walking experiences.

Moms – I highly suggest you get Walking Wings if you have a baby who will be on the go soon or is already at it. You will not regret it.. you will be thankful!

Visit for more info or to purchase Walking Wings ($24.99).
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