Home Decorating5 Ways to Upgrade your Kitchen on a Budget

5 Ways to Upgrade your Kitchen on a Budget

Upgrade your Kitchen on a Budget

Thinking of decorating your home sweet home? You may want to pay heed to your kitchen as well. After all, it’s the place where you make happy meals for your family. Surely, when the cooking environment isn’t appropriate, it reflects in the food you cook. Here are 5 budget-friendly ways you can revamp your kitchen.


1. Conceal Ugly-Looking Countertops

Countertops pop right at you as soon as you enter the kitchen. It is necessary to keep them neat and modern-looking. You can create a seamless alignment of all the counters by laminating the worktops with granite or marble. The signature vein pattern of the marble will give it a unique texture that is sure to please any eye.

On occasions when you have to conceal a broken worktop, you can place a massive cutting board on the top to hide any imperfections. This is an attractive and useful hack. Another money saving way includes painting your counter tops. You can choose any color that matches the rest of the interior.

2. Update your Appliances

Modern appliances are the staples of a modern kitchen. You can invest in contemporary washer and dryer sets, stainless steel dishwasher or countertop ovens. If you want to go with a cheaper option, you can use appliance paint to cover your old-fashioned kitchen appliances. Make sure to use a coat of primer prior to applying the paint, so that it adheres well with appliance’s surface and stay on for a long time.

You can easily get contact papers for a cost-effective, time saving solution for kitchen remodeling. They come in a variety of textures, from plain colors to wooden and stainless steel. You can jazz up your appliances by sticking a contact sheet on their surface.

3. Replace Small Kitchen Items

Investing in small kitchen items and utensils can alter the whole look of your cooking space. Purchase a cool dish rack to display all your expensive crockery rather than keeping it in the shelves. Moreover, the addition of a kitchen towel dispenser will bring a modern touch. You can also keep a wooden knife holder, set of wooden spoons, cute salt and pepper shaker sets, an impressive watermelon keg tapping kit and classy baking utensils on your kitchen counters to make your kitchen look full and functional.

4. Keep your Kitchen Organized

You don’t need to purchase or renovate anything if you keep everything organized. A spick and span kitchen is a statement in itself. Just make sure everything is set where it belongs. For instance, at the central counter in your kitchen, you probably don’t care putting the dirty dishes. A wise approach is to install a washing sink on the central counter (provided the plumbing restrictions), so that the mess can be dealt with in the most convenient manner. The perfect arrangement is indeed the cheapest way to make your kitchen attractive.

5. Change your Lighting Options

Bringing the natural light in is the best way to illuminate your kitchen. So, make sure you employ modern kitchen curtain ideas on windows to keep cozy vibes circulating. But what about the nighttime? You can opt for overhead light fittings or modern hanging lamps to bring your kitchen to life. They don’t cost much either.

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