Style & Beauty5 Types of Shoes Every Women Should have in Her Closet

5 Types of Shoes Every Women Should have in Her Closet

Shoes can actually make or break the look of the outfit. Types of women shoes are the ultimate investment—if you do it well, you’ll be comfortable wearing them for years.

You don’t need a million options; just a couple that you can wear with a range of outfits will suffice.

If you avoid fast fashion and fashionable pairs, you can select for timeless alternatives that you’ll be just as delighted to wear next fall when you take them out of storage.

Awesome Types Of Women Shoes


Shoes can give appeal to an otherwise uninteresting look. A pair of sleek black shoes, for example, may make a black skirt and white blouse look chic and attractive Consider elegant slippers, white sneakers, thick lug-sole boots, and even transitory loafers.

They’re simple to style, comfy to walk in, and will save you time when it comes to deciding what to wear on your first sanity stroll of the day.

Some parties have a clothing code for guests based on the topic, therefore men and women are highly picky while attending these events.

They don’t scrimp on the theme, opting for high-end party shoes as well. Casual, birthday, office, or other luxurious parties exist in a variety of themes, and people can choose from a variety of high-quality, brand-name shoes.

The shoes should be chosen with extreme caution so that the fitting is as comfortable as possible.

To add oomph, most include gleaming material, sequins, beads, and other embellishments.

Take a look at the five essential shoes that everyone should own. It is without any doubt the most important choice for any clothing for the party.

1. Black Pumps

As they say, simplicity is the best, the most basic stylish and chic shoe is black pumps.

They can literally go with most of your wardrobe. It’s the best investment you can make for yourself.

Do you think of Chanel, the designer, when you think of black pumps?! Mid-heels or kitten heels are comfortable to walk in and are just as elegant as high heels if you’re on your feet a lot.

There are likewise wedges for women, which raise the whole foot. You could likewise pick impact points with a sling at the back, which give that additional line of help to your lower leg and foot.

Pumps are closed-toe, shuttered shoes with a high heel and no laces or buckles. They’re thought to be perfect for office work and outings.

Black pumps are always in trend. You can wear it with literally anything. Pair it with jeans or any formal pants.

2. Loafers and Mules

Loafers and mules are two more shoe styles that should be in your closet. They instantly make an outfit look more put-together and polished.

Loafers are literally back in fashion with all the trendy looks. They’re a wonderful enhanced every day shoe because they’re a flat shoe.

And, in our opinion, they are more stylish than a ballet flat. This pair in this neutral cream colour is one of my favourites, and it’s so simple to coordinate with a variety of outfits!

Going to a friend? Put on denim jeans and casual shirt and pair it up with any pastel or black mules. You can also wear loafers or mules at a casual lunch.

3. Heels and Sandals

No matter how many pairs of shoes you own, your closet will remain empty without a pair of heels.

It’s not necessary for you to own tons of pairs of heels-a decent pair will be enough for you to pair with any dress of yours. A smart move would be to pick a colour that goes with most of your clothes for example, a pair of golden, silver or black heels.

Sandals are ideal for parties. With its simplistic shape and narrow straps, strappy sandals are the go-to warm-weather shoes. With these fully accessible shoes, you can flaunt your tan and your new pedicure.

Depending on your comfort level and desire, you might wear strappy heels or flats! Because the middle half is exposed, they give your feet a subtle romantic charm.

The front strap is embellished with gilding or diamonds that catch the eye. You’re not a lover of stiletto heels? Or maybe you’re looking for a good in-between height for those cute gatherings.

Block heels are your best friend if you want comfortable shoes but still want a little height.

4. Sneakers

If you are not a heels person, then sneakers are meant for you. Any ensemble can be made to look sleek, clean, and easy with a basic white sneaker.

Be it winters, spring or summers, sneakers can be worn with literally any outfit. Perhaps, you would be like many of us who prefers a traditional look over an athletic look.

Yes, sneakers are still required! You want a pair that you can wear with a midi-dress for a more informal look or with classic jeans and a t-shirt for a more formal look.

Choose a pair of white sneakers that you may wear with everything if you want to be versatile.

Sneakers will always save you from trouble when you’re planning for a trip. They’re comfortable and will make you able to hike and do anything you wish to do.

We’ve already discussed how you can pair them with almost everything and that they’re suitable for any season.

It’ll be difficult to put on any other shoe once you’ve found a pair you like.

5. Boots

You’ll need more boots in your closet as the leaves fall or the snow falls. With a pair of knee-high or ankle boots, you’ll always be stylishly prepared for the winter.

If you don’t like heels, go for a flat type and look for a pair with minimal embellishments.

Though boot styles will come and go depending on what’s popular, we believe that simple boots will always be a mainstay and worth keeping in your wardrobe!

Sleek ankle boots may give you a tough-guy vibe. The ankle boot is flexible enough to be worn with dresses, skirts, slacks, tights, and shorts, making it a collection classic.

It is, nonetheless, critical to style them in a stylish manner. Clothing length and silhouette have a huge effect in whether or not you look good.

Your best bets are short, fitting dresses and skirts, as well as slim jeans and jeggings.

Your shoes may transform your look from day to night and dramatically alter the elegance of your ensemble. It’s possible that you don’t have the correct pairings if you’re having trouble putting outfits altogether. They should be shoes that make your heart skip a beat and provide joy to your day. Reptile skin, glitter, and/or any hue under the rainbow are examples of statement shoes.

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