Style & BeautyTop Secret Beauty Tips from Mom Fuse Readers!

Top Secret Beauty Tips from Mom Fuse Readers!

Last week we hosted a giveaway sponsored by and one of the entry rules was for our readers to submit “top secret” beauty tips. We had a great response from everyone and it seems that we all agree that is a great one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. With that said…here are some of our reader submitted tips.

Cori says…My best beauty tip: I take olive oil and mix in a little lavender essential oil. I use it as a moisturizer for my legs. I just apply it after a shower and I have never had softer skin! An old dish soap container works great to store it in. One with a squeezy top.

Liz says…One of my best beauty tips is to use vaseline on your lips and lashes for a great sheen.

Lori Barnes says…One beauty tip I have used since I was young is a cold wet tea bag over the eyelids and under the eye for swelling, for us women who’s eyes swell if they cry or don’t get enough sleep.

Lisa says…My best beauty tip is to use baking soda & a small amount of water to make a paste. Rub it lightly on your face and rinse. It makes a gentle exfoliant for your skin plus it’s super inexpensive!

Amber saysExfoliate lips once a week for a pretty pout. Use some sugar (brown sugar works wonders) on a warm wash cloth and softly scrub lips in a circular motion. Rinse and apply your favorite lip balm.

Carol says…Beauty secret: SLEEP. Listen to your body and sleep and rest when it tells you you’re tired. Instant rejuvenation!

Kate says…I use tinted moisturizer with SPF everday under my makeup.

Naddez says…Soft brushing of lips with an old brush moistened in menthol based lip balm can cure chapped lips. Excessive massage is not required on sensitive lips.

Danielle says…Stay hydrated. Dehydration causes dry skin and makes wrinkles more prominent.

LuAnn G says…My beauty secret is Cetaphil cleanser. It is the most gentle product I have found. I use it nightly. I also use Oil of Olay morning and night. I have been told I look much younger than my real age and I believe it is because I take care of my skin.

Natasha says…My beauty secret is a DIY Aspirin Mask. It leaves my face beautiful, glowing and acne free. It’s soooo cheap it’s almost a crime!

Amy P says…I like to use a thick 30 spf sunscreen on before I apply my 15 mineral makeup powder on. It helps my powder stay on longer and I am protected all day long.

Denise says…I put on lip balm at night before I go to bed so that it doesn’t dry off. That way, my lips are moisturized and healthy looking in the morning.

Treasia says…You’re never to young to start using morning and night creams. Use dial antibacterial soap to wash and then follow with a hydrating cream.

Thao says…The beauty tip I just saw on Ellen is using firming cream mixed with coffee grounds to rub on the buttocks area. I increases circulation and lifts the saggy bottom. I don’t drink coffee so have not tried it.

Judy Brittle says…I have a few crazy beauty tips that work – hair conditioner – mix 1 cup water and 1/2 cup fabric softener –  facial mask -Pepto Bismol – make-up remover – Crisco – dark circles under the eyes – raw potato slices

Teresa says…A thin layer of unflavored Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia (or generic brand works just fine) can be used as a primer underneath foundation. If you have oily skin, or if it’s humid out it will absorb the excess oil and keep your foundation and other makeup in place.

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and to all of our readers for giving us your great beauty secrets!

Have a tip you would like to share? Leave a comment below and be sure to leave a link to your blog so we can share the love!


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