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Selling Your House? Here are the Top Design Features that Every Home Buyers Wants

Top Design features that Attract Home Buyers

A homebuyer looks to invest in a modern place to call home and not just to buy a house. Therefore, they will consider modern and unique designs that go with the house. Therefore, you need to incorporate some design features for a fast house sale. Here are the top design features that attract home buyers.

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1.  Spacious Kitchen with Enough Storage

Women will give this feature top priority. The kitchen design should have a functional working space. Besides, it should accommodate cabinets for storage purposes. Include decorative kitchen features for your house to sell fast.

2.  Keeping Rooms

Keeping rooms are necessary for large home spaces. A keeping room adjoins the kitchen and the breakfast area. It is an important house feature as it allows a cozy feel during family activities.

3.  Laundry Space

A laundry space is necessary for every home. It is among the key features that buyers consider when hunting for a house. The laundry task is quite tedious. Adding enough space for this task and incorporating colorful countertops helps deal with the task.

4.  Ceiling Fan

A functional ceiling fan enhances the cooling effect and improves the aesthetic of the house. Buyers will prefer a house with one to a house without one. Go for an affordable ceiling that matches the house them color to attract buyers.

5.  Outdoor Lighting

Including exterior lighting on your lawn attracts buyers even before they set foot in the house. Actually, this is among the top features that buyers consider. Exterior lighting options include:

  • Walkway lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Spot lights

6.  Master Bedroom with a Sit-down Area

A master bedroom is vital in every family house. However, it should be large enough to accommodate either a king or queen size bed. Also, there should be enough space left after considering the bed. A sit-down area is an extra in the master bedroom. A sizable table and few chairs should do.

7.  Master Bath

Design it to open and allow natural lighting while separating the shower, bathtub. A shower cubicle will perform the task. If your budget allows, consider his and hers bath. It should allow dual water closets, his shower with access to her, her tub and dual vanities. Research for master bath ideas to include in the house.

8.  Covered Entrance

Homeowners are looking to having a covered entrance that provides shelter from weather conditions. A sheltered porch or covered stoop adds more sell chances to your house. Incorporate beautiful decorations like live or artificial plants in your covered entrance to spicy up.

9.  His and Hers Closet

While a single large closet is appealing to many, two closet spaces are more desirable. The bigger, the better, more so for the woman in the house. Upgrade the closets with an effective organizing system. It is an easy task and you can do it yourself. Alternatively, you can invite a professional to do the task for perfect results.

10.  Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom is becoming a necessity for every house buyer. In the case of two-story house design, you can include a guest bedroom on the main floor. However, if all your bedrooms occupy the second floor, including a guest bedroom on the main floor, is even better. Go for a guest bedroom that gives easy access to necessary facilities like the bathroom or library space.

11.  Mudroom

It gives the homeowner a space to act as a buffer between the home’s interior and outdoors. Mudrooms act as docking points to drop dirty shoes, umbrellas, keys, coats and jackets and other items without dragging them in the main house. A mudroom in your house is a plus to your sell chances.

12.  Storage

There can never be enough storage. A house with enough storage space and rooms will appeal to buyers. Include relevant storage facilities with extra storage rooms for sufficient storage purposes. You can also create additional storage space in every room in the house.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the normal house features, the living room, dining room and bedrooms, combining the above top features is a win. Every house buyer will go for the best house design, no matter the budget. Choose the best home design features with the help of a professional for a fast house sale.


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