ParentingTips To Keep Laundry Under Control Like A Boss #FreeToBe

Tips To Keep Laundry Under Control Like A Boss #FreeToBe

Laundry! The never ending cycle and pile of clothes that just keep getting higher and higher. We’ve come up with some tips to keep laundry under control – and do it like a boss!

Today’s post is sponsored by all free clear, but my love for the brand is all my own.

My son has eczema which makes it hard to find a detergent that won’t break him out. With his skin being very sensitive one of the best detergents I found that work well for us is the all free clear laundry detergent.

NEW From the #1 Detergent Brand Recommended by Dermatologists Allergists and Pediatricians comes all® free clear liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets. Use together to make fabrics cleaner, softer, and more comfortable against your family’s sensitive skin. 100% free of dyes and perfumes. Gentle on skin. Safe for all washing machines. Find it in your fabric conditioner aisle!

all free clear is also 100% hypoallergenic.

Tips To Keep Laundry Under Control Like A Boss

Laundry Tip #1 – Simple Way To Sort Clothes

Long before it popular on Pinterest, I always kept a few laundry baskets on hand.. one for whites, one for colors. This was my way to save time. With the clothes already sorted I can simply throw them in the washer add the all free clear detergent and push start.

Laundry Tip #2 – Do A Load Every 2 Days

You certainly want to be on top of the laundry and not let it get piled up. When we had the twins this was our biggest challenge. We went through so many clothes they just got piled up and it seemed like we would never catch up. If you do a load of laundry every couple of days you can keep the piles down and keep your sanity!

Laundry Tip #3 – Skip The Ironing

For some reason I’ve never liked Ironing. To me it’s a tedious work and very time consuming. This is the reason I try to buy wrinkle free clothes or I take them out of the dryer as soon as they’re done and immediately hang them up.

Laundry Tip #4 – Keep Little Items Together

When it comes to socks and other small items I always put them in a laundry bag so they don’t get misplaced. My dryer actually comes with a shelf for these smaller things which I use often, it’s a nice feature but if you don’t have on, invest in a small laundry bag to keep those smaller items together.

Why we use all free clear detergent:

• all® free clear detergent (liquid and mighty pacs), fabric softener and dryer sheets have received the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance™.
• Products with the NEA Seal of Acceptance™ are those that avoid certain chemicals, dyes, perfumes and residues that are known to be unsuitable for use by persons with eczema or a sensitive skin condition.
• all free clear has only 9 ingredients, that’s less than half the ingredients of Tide Free & Gentle


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