ParentingTop Tips To Help Children Like A Babysitter

Top Tips To Help Children Like A Babysitter

Choosing a babysitter can be a difficult decision. For most parents the thought of leaving their child with someone they don’t really know is challenging. Of course, it can help to use a reputable company offering babysitting services.

This will give you peace of mind regarding the standard of the babysitters. It can also ensure you have someone to speak to if there are any issues. The larger the business the more they have to lose from poor reviews which means they are more likely to be reputable.

But, while you choose from the many different options available you need to consider your child in this. They need to be comfortable with your chosen babysitter. There are several things you can do to help your children like the chosen babysitter.

Book A Pre-Visit

You know your child best but many children find it easier to be left with someone if they already know the person. It makes it easier to know what to expect. As a child you may not have much control over your environment, knowing what to expect can be very helpful.

To help with this book a short visit for the babysitter, perhaps an hour if they’ll do it.
Spend at least thirty minutes with your child and the babysitter. Then, spend the second thirty minutes fading out of sight but still being close enough if needed.

This approach should also help when dropping off.

The Drop-Off

When you want your children to like the babysitter you’ll want to spend half an hour with them when they arrive. You can then leave quietly, your child may not even notice.

Start A Game

During the initial drop off, it’s a good idea to get the babysitter to ask your child what games they have and like to play. This will immediately shift their focus onto games, helping them to feel more comfortable and more likely to like the baby sitter.

A big part of both the above allows you to leave quietly, with no fuss.

Keep Calm

Young children tend to look at their parents and mimic them. That means you need to adopt a calm and relaxed persona. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing, if you’re calm and relaxed your child will be the same. That will help them to accept the babysitter and feel comfortable while you’re out.

Make Sure The Sitter Knows Children

Every child is different. Some like plenty of space, others prefer to be engaged with the sitter at all times. A good babysitter will be able to tell what kind of child they are dealing with and then react accordingly. This will help the child to feel comfortable and allow you the time off that you deserve.

Don’t forget, if your child is old enough talk to them about the babysitter and any concerns they have. This will make it easier for everyone to feel comfortable with the arrangement.
Of course, you should also spend a few moments thinking about anything the babysitter should know, such as routines or medicines. Writing these down will help everyone to know what needs to be done.

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