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Tips for a Happy and Safe Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is fast approaching, and you may be thinking of some fun and exciting things to do and see with your mom. Whether you choose to spend it at home or attending a popular festival, the following tips can make for a happy and safe Mother’s Day.

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Travel Safely

The roadways may be littered with cars going to visit mom for Mother’s Day. You can travel safely by allowing a sufficient amount of time to get to your destination. This prevents you from having to speed in order to make it to your Mother’s Day dinner reservation on time. Before placing babies and young children in the car, make sure that they are properly buckled in their car seats. Adults and teens should also be wearing their seatbelts no matter if you’re driving down the street or taking a long road trip.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Brunch, lunches and dinners out are a popular pastime when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day. You can do your part to making the roadways safe by not drinking and driving. Before you leave your home, assign someone to be the designated driver. You can also take a cab, limousine or some sort of public transportation if you know that you’ll be indulging in an alcoholic beverage or two.

Be Respectful

While this is a day to celebrate the love and devotion a mother may have given throughout the years, for some families it can be a day filled with angst. However, getting through the family strife can be made easier when you seek the help of companies such as National Family Solutions. In addition to their knowledge and experience, you can use their Linkedin page when it comes to obtaining more information to help the family repair after a painful divorce. Another part of getting through the perils of the day is having a respectful attitude toward your ex-spouse. While you may have parted ways, you can still learn to get along for the sake of the family.

Cooking and Entertaining

If your plans for the holiday include cooking or grilling for your mom, you’ll want to plan for a fire-free meal. Whether your menu calls for baking, broiling, roasting or simmering, never leave your stove unattended. It’s easy to get caught up during the holidays visiting with friends and family. Setting a timer can alert you to any food items that you may have cooking. If you’re more of a chef when it comes to the grill, there are some important tips to follow for outdoor barbecuing. Keeping the lid securely in place can prevent the grill from accidentally falling and burning small children. Have a fire extinguisher on hand in case the flames get out of hand.

Finding the Perfect Gift

Most moms love fresh flowers when it comes to gift giving. However, it’s important to keep poisonous plants away from small children and pets. English ivy, philodendrons, caladium, lilies and oleander may look innocent and pretty, but they can cause illnesses and death if ingested. If you plan on gifting plants that are unsafe, make sure the recipient is aware of the dangers. You can also ensure that they keep them out-of-reach from tiny tots, dogs and cats.

Theft and Cyber Crimes

Finding the perfect gift can be a time consuming task when it comes to your mom. While you want to select something that you know they’ll love, you also want to prevent against theft and cyber-crimes. To guard against robberies of a new diamond bracelet or gold earrings, make sure that the items are properly insured. For laptops and other smartphone or notebook devices, you also want to make sure your mom is protected from cyber-bullies. This includes choosing strong passwords, staying alert to scams and keeping your equipment protected with anti-virus software. Your laptop and other electronic devices should also be treated with the utmost care and stored safely away when you go on vacation or leave the car unattended.


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