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Tips For Decorating Your Home For The Holidays

With all the time we’ve all been spending at home this year, decorating for the holidays can be a welcome break from the monotony.

Here are a few holiday decorating tips to help you make your home feel festive and warm this season.

Tips For Decorating Your Home

1. Choose your decor based on what brings you joy!

Some people prefer colorful twinkle lights, while others love greenery and red bows. Some people love both! Whichever way your tastes tend, make sure you’re choosing decor that you, not someone else, thinks is beautiful.

The goal of a holiday decorated house is to make the people inside feel happy and excited about the holidays. If your decor isn’t doing that, it might be time to try a new look.

2. While you’re decorating the outside of your home, use the opportunity to add some curb appeal

As you’re stringing lights and hanging wreaths, take a moment to survey the front of your home. Are there spots that need a paint touch-up? Are your porch steps showing signs of wear and tear? Is your lawn spotty or in need of maintenance?

While right now may not be the time to tackle these repairs, you may want to make a list of the things that need attention, so you can come back to them after the holidays. Upping your curb appeal, after all, is one of the most surefire tips for improving your property value.

3. Consider a DIY home project that incorporates holiday decor

All this time at home in 2020 has led to a whole lot of DIY home projects—just ask any homeowner! After all, DIY home projects can help cure cabin fever, which is something many of us need right now.

This could be the perfect time to complete a home improvement project that incorporates or enhances your holiday decor. Maybe you notice that your weatherstripping needs replacing while you’re hanging wreaths on doors and windows, or that your gutters need cleaning while you’re hanging exterior lights. Maybe you decide to refresh your paint in the family room while putting up your holiday decor.

4. Don’t go overboard with holiday decor.

It can be tempting to turn your home into a veritable holiday extravaganza, but resist. Adding too many holiday touches can make it hard to focus on any one piece, and overwhelm the eye.

Instead, choose items and decor that you really love and place them with care around your home.

5. Recycle and re-use to create unique displays

Magazines, old wrapping paper, newspaper, and other interesting materials can always be repurposed into something new to create a truly unique decoration (or to wrap more presents!).

Ornaments that have lost their hooks can be turned into figurines for a tabletop or mantel holiday display. Round ornaments in different colors can be placed in a wide glass vase for a beautiful centerpiece or hall table display.

Decorating for the holidays can be a wonderful way to liven up your home and make it feel inviting and festive—no matter your personal holiday style.


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