LifestyleTips for buying a men’s winter jacket

Tips for buying a men’s winter jacket

Shopping for a winter jacket isn’t as straightforward as one might think, whether it’s for a man or a woman. There was a time when men’s winter outwear was limited, which made choosing easier but finding the perfect coat nearly impossible. Nowadays, there is so much choice available that it can be daunting to try to find the right one, but if you know how to go about narrowing down the selection, there’s are men’s winter jackets for every man’s needs and preferences. What should a man look for when shopping for a winter jacket? There are four basic things to consider.


Where will you wear the jacket? This is a very important decision. Will you need the jacket to serve as an all-purpose jacket, to be worn both casually and to work, you’ll want to choose a jacket that strikes a balance between casual and business-like. If you want your jacket to stand up to the rigours of outdoor winter activities, your primary concern should be warmth and waterproof capabilities, in addition to choosing a jacket that allow for freedom of movement. Knowing when and where you plan to wear the jacket will dramatically help to narrow down the choices and focus your shopping trip.


In some cases, it’s possible to find a jacket that is versatile enough to meet a variety of needs. For example, some jackets feature removable linings, so you can wear just the outer layer when temperatures aren’t as cold or when you are simply walking from the car to your office, for example. The warm liner can be zipped into the jacket for outdoor activities or colder days. Some jackets also have removable hoods and/or sleeves as well, allowing them to be converted into vests, which extends the wear ability of the piece from fall all the way into the early days of spring when the weather is still a little cool.


Consider the climate in which you live before you buy your jacket. If you live somewhere where winter means snow and very cold temperatures, you are going to obviously need a jacket with a higher cold rating than if you live in an area where winters are not as cold. If you live in an area where there is a lot of rain, you’ll need a jacket that is waterproof.


Durability is important when buying a winter jacket. Although it can be tempting to buy a less expensive jacket to save a few dollars, it’s actually smarter to purchase a more expensive jacket. Why? Because an investment piece such as a well-made jacket will last more than one season, which will actually end up saving you money over time. The same goes for the style of your jacket. It’s better to buy something timeless and classic in style so it will last you for a couple of seasons without looking dated. A more trend-conscious style will be in style for one season but will look dated the next. For optimal longevity, choose a jacket that is well made and classic in is design.

Use these tips next time you are in the market for a new men’s winter jacket and you’ll certainly find one that fits your needs beautifully.
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