ParentingTips for Choosing Children’s Clothing

Tips for Choosing Children’s Clothing

Children can be fussy when it comes to clothing, so you want to be sure you’re getting the right style for your child’s tastes and needs. From a certain age, kids also love to choose the style and look of the clothing they like so getting the balance of practicality, and individual choice is a delicate process. Of course, you want your children to be able to select their own clothing, but in the initial stages, you might want to guide them about personalized onesies. This process can be a fun experience for both parent and child, as you can have some bonding time and acknowledge that you are helping them to make future decisions about their style choices. Working with children to bring out their personality with clothing is also a great way for them to express themselves at an early age and explore their personal tastes.

Tips to Choose Clothes for Kids

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So whether you are at the stage of helping kids choose their own clothing or are buying for smaller tots, there are some areas to look out for when deciding on the style to go for. Check out some of these handy tips to get the most for your money.

Fabric Durability

Choosing the right fabric for the occasion is an important factor when deciding on outfit choice. Cheap clothing might be ok for playtime, but under the strain of excessive wear, it may lose its we arability pretty quickly. Opting for tougher fabrics for playwear is an ideal option as this can prevent thing such as holes in knees, ripped seams and general wear and tear during rough and tumble. Lighter materials are also a good option for warmer months as they provide ample protection against the sunshine but also keep children cooler.

Machine Washable Fabric

For most of your child’s clothing, you need it to be machine washable, so you don’t have to make special arrangements for it to be cleaned separately. It’s not just that fact that you can pop it in the machine that is a factor here too, but also how well it washes at different temperatures. Cheaper clothing might be more affordable at the time, but after its first wash, you could find that it has lost shape or shrunk due to how the fabric has reacted in the machine. This then makes an affordable piece of clothing a complete waste of money, as they cannot wear it again. Checking out the labels and adhering to the instructions is a great way to test out brands too, as if you’ve followed the cleaning instructions and you still have a bad experience, you are within your rights to take it back and get a refund.

Investing in Quality Clothing

Children do tend to grow out of clothing quite quickly, but that’s not to say buying lots of cheap and affordable clothing will do the trick during this growth spurt. Investing in quality garments will save you money in the long term, as the wear on the material will not show as badly as on something that cost a few dollars. Designer and high-quality clothing is manufactured to a higher specification and can generally withstand frequent washing or longer wear. You’ll also find you don’t have to buy as many items during their growing phases, as quality clothing will see them through each stage. For some inspiration on great kid’s buys, take a look at Nicki’s for children’s designer clothing and accessory ideas.

Comfort Factor

Kids and comfort go hand in hand because if they are not comfortable in what they are wearing, then you’ll certainly know about it. Unless you want a child constantly whining about the fabric on their skin or something not fitting correctly, choosing clothing that factors this element in is paramount. In their younger years, scratchy denim or zips can cause discomfort on the skin, and the recent trend of skinny jeans can also restrict movement when toddlers and young children are starting to walk. Opting for fabrics that are kind to skin and easy to move around in are ideal for smaller tots and when kids get older, letting them experiment with different fabrics will open them up to new style experiences. It’s also wise to check out seams and the inside of clothing as on the outside it might look fine but inside, seams can rub against the skin and cause irritation.

Easy to Put On and Take Off

As kids become more independent, they will start dressing themselves and choosing their own clothing from their wardrobe. The perfect way to make this easy for them is to buy clothing that they can put on and take off easily without too much fuss. Elastic waists and pull over shirts are a great way to start for smaller children, as buttons and zips can be fiddly at first. If you have smaller tots still in diapers or training pants, being able to change them easily without too much effort will make diaper change a simple task. This accessibility is also vital during toilet training, as kids that can’t manage to unbutton when they need the toilet can often lead to accidents, which might put them off toilet training progress.

Helping them Experiment With Clothing

When children get older what they see friends wearing and things on the TV often influence them. At this point, they’ll want to choose and experiment with style so allowing them this freedom can help shape their fashion tastes. Helping them during this time will help to build their confidence in their choices but also being considerate to their tastes also comes into play. You might find they are wearing things that don’t fit the situation but advising rather than instructing will help them make an informed choice based on your experiences.

Choosing kids clothing can be difficult, but it should also be a fun task that both you and your child will cherish. Incorporating the above tips and using your own experiences will help to shape their style choice and confidence when expressing themselves.


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