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Things You Do When You Fall in Love

Nothing compares to that blissful time at the beginning of a relationship when you are falling in love with someone amazing. It feels as though you have created your own unique world where nobody could have ever experienced something so amazing. However, this isn’t strictly true as although it may feel as though your love is uniquely special, there are some things that all people do when they fall in love.

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You Can’t think of Anything Else

Love is all consuming, and so why would you think of anything else when you have this wonderful person to fill up your mind? Whatever you are doing, and no matter who you are with, your other half will always be at the forefront of your thoughts, and you would rather be with them than in class, with friends, or at home. The scientific reason for this is that when people fall in love their brains release phenylethylamine which makes a person feel infatuated with the person they desire.

You are Selfless

When it comes to your beloved that is. You want this wonderful person to be completely happy and you will shower them with gifts and love letters, and helping them out whenever you can. You may even find yourself wanting to cook for them to ensure they are well-fed and being looked after properly. Putting their feelings before your own is a sign of true love.

You Make Up Pet Names for Each Other

It could be as simple as Babe, or Baby, or as protracted a name as snuffle kinney wins, but whatever it is, you will almost certainly have created some cute pet names for each other. If, you are finding it difficult to come up with the right pet name for your boyfriend, has some really Cute Nicknames for Boys which could help you show your beau just how adorable you think he is.

You’ll Develop New Hobbies

Everything is exciting when you fall in love, and you will find your new partner’s interests extremely interesting. You may have taken up a hobby you know they are into as a way to impress them, and they may have even done the same. Alternatively, both of you may want to try new things together to make dates a little more interesting.

You Will Love things that Other People Find Annoying

Do you find their hair twiddling adorable, or the way in which they mess with their food just the cutest thing you have ever seen? If you find your partner’s quirks and habits endearing then you have been bitten by the love bug. However, be aware, that in many cases, the things you find lovable at the beginning of the relationship are quite often the things that drive you insane by the end.

Should you be unsure as to whether you are in love with someone, if you find yourself acting in any of these ways, it is fairly safe to say that you are head over heels in love.

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