ReviewsThe Watchdogz: Temporary Tattoos That Help Keep Kids Safe!

The Watchdogz: Temporary Tattoos That Help Keep Kids Safe!



Watchdogz are temporary tattoos that have a box within their design that provides a space in which to write an emergency contact number with the pen provided in the kit. The product was designed by a mom with two small boys that are often off and running. To give her and other parents a feeling of assurance she came up with the Watchdogz. Unlike other generic tattoos, Watchdogz are unique characters. Kids love the dogz, love wearing them and showing them off to their friends.



The Reviews


The Sassy Southerner – Today, I let my child wander around with ease. I had my cell phone on me and that number was used as the contact number. I highly recommend The Watchdogz to any parent with a child. No matter the age, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The Haute Stuff – Here’s the cool thing, you tattoo your child and then it comes with a special pen so that you can write whatever phone number is relevant for the day! Going to the park with the babysitter? Write her number. Field trip with the school? Their number.

Fairy Blog Mother – I think these are a neat idea! They can give you a little piece of mind knowing you can easily be reached should your child be separated from you. Watchdogz come in designs for boys and girls and sell for $8.99 and can be purchased directly from their website. Each kit contains 6 temporary tattoos (2 of each character) and 1 non-toxic marker. The temporary tattoos are safe, made in the USA and FDA approved.

Not Your Typical Mommy – Visiting theme parks also means huge crowds of people and an increased chance of your kid getting separated from you. It’s something that crosses every parents mind and it isn’t something you never want to experience. The fabulous people over at the Watchdogz came up with a great idea to help you out if, god forbid, your kids do get lost.

Pink & Posh – Watchdogz Temporary Safety Tattoos are products that were created by a mom just like me to help keep her own children safe as well as make the kids feel “cool” while wearing them. Each gender specific set of tattoos are designed with fun and active “watchdog” figures that feature a blank box to enter your contact information.

Grocery Price Blog – All parents can relate to the fear of becoming separated from their small children in a crowded place. It has happened or nearly happened to most of us. It’s a heart dropping fear that overcomes a parent when you suddenly realize your child has run off and is nowhere in sight.

Rockin’ Mama – It takes but one second to lose a child. Watchdogz tattoos are brilliant. Children may or may not be able to remember their parent’s phone number, particularly if they were to get lost or disoriented. If you didn’t want your phone number readily visible, you could place the tattoo under the sleeve and instruct your child to tell someone that number if they ever got lost. Children love tattoos and the characters are appealing enough for kids to want to wear them.

The Pink Chandelier – Watchdogz temporary tattoos are a perfect example of the type of product I enjoy using. My son loved the fact that he got to wear a tattoo to a recent sporting event my husband and he attended, while I liked the fact that had he becpme lost he had, on his person a tangible and very visible way to notify us.

Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 – While we were at the beach I decided to put a temporary tattoo on my youngest son from Watchdogz. What better way to review this product than to test it in the ocean!
How did it work? Amazingly. Although the tattoo comes off after 2 – 3 days (for an active kid), our tattoo lasted all 3 days in the pool, ocean, and bath. We finally removed it with baby oil after day 4, but James begged for another one. There is something about tattoos that kids love.

The Glamorous WAHM – How cool is it that now your child can be adorned with a temporary tattoo, labeled with contact information, should they become lost? Thanks to The Watchdogz if your child becomes lost, you can be easily contacted as these temporary tattoos have your phone number written on them.




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