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The Secret of Cleaning a Britax Car Seat

Babies in car seats can make a mess in a very short time. Spitting up frequently, spilling food often, and leaking diapers regularly are the baby’s full-time job, and he or she is usually quite good at it. If you are fortunate enough to have acquired a best britax car seat, you have one of the most popular car seats used in both the United States and Europe. It’s a sound investment, and it should be kept in neat, new-looking condition with periodic proper cleaning. Cleaning your Britax car seat is a simple task when following the steps recommended below

Step 1

Detach the Britax car seat, and remove it from the car. The seat, by design, has lots of hard-to-get places that cannot be easily reached while it is installed.

Step 2

Remove the car seat cover and straps. Check the Britax label to determine if machine washing or hand washing is appropriate. Oftentimes, washing these items off using a garden hose is sufficient. Regardless of method used, use a mild detergent to extend the life and look of the cover and straps. A toothbrush will be a great aid for removing debris lodged in crags and crevices. Be sure to remove all soap film from the cover and straps before drying.

Step 3

Shake the seat vigorously to remove any larger food crumbs. Using the proper vacuum cleaner attachments, thoroughly vacuum out the inside of the car seat. Make sure to vacuum all the strap pass-throughs and crevices to remove those fine, often sticky mystery foods that accumulate. If the car seat frame itself is a victim of sticky mystery foods, wash it off using a garden hose.

Step 4

Dry the car seat frame using a dry soft towel, and let it air dry in the sun. Never dry off the cover and straps in a clothes dryer. The heat and severe tumbling can damage them. Air dry them outside on a clothesline or a drying rack.

Step 5

Don’t forget about the inside of the car. Babies are not careful about where they place debris. The automobile seat cushion will catch the entire overflow from debris that fell from the car seat. Vacuum thoroughly in the car seat installation area, washing with suitable upholstery cleaner where necessary.

Step 6

Reassemble the Britax car seat. If you’re memory fails when trying to reassemble it properly, refer to the Britax manufacturer’s instructions.

When you’re done, reinstall the Britax car set properly in position in the car. A clean, neat car seat will look better in your car, and will provide a much healthier environment as well as protection your child. Of course, your child will resume his or her quest to mess it up again, but then, that’s the child’s job!

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