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The Rose Buying Gift Guide

Roses always make a perfect gift. They’re not just popular for Valentine’s Day. Anytime you want to thank someone or even simply show them your appreciation, then the rose, with its wonderful delicate visual beauty and its fragrant scent, is ideal.

Plants as well as bouquets

A bouquet is always welcome, but for something more enduring, then a rose plant that will cheer you up from year to year is ideal. Anyone looking for rose plants for sale should also try and learn about the symbolic meanings behind different colors and species of roses. You don’t want to give someone a Christmas rose that denotes ‘relieve my anxiety,’ when you really want to show ‘love at first sight,’ and should be giving your chosen recipient a lavender rose.

The meaning behind the flowers

If you want to make a special statement – perhaps you want to tell someone that you love them, or simply want to show affection towards a friend – then the website The Flower Expert will ensure that you give the appropriate color roses as a gift. For example, blue roses symbolize ‘I can’t have you but I can’t stop thinking about you,’ which is probably a more subtle gift than turning up unannounced on someone’s doorstep. Alternatively, the Burgundy rose denotes ‘delicate beauty’. This is an ideal gift for anyone of any age and regardless of your relationship with that person.

A simple gesture is worth the world

A recent article in The Daily Mail highlighted the value of giving a bunch of roses.
A young man passing a flower stall on the New York subway bought the vendor’s entire stock of roses only to give the flowers out to passers by. A film of the event went viral on You Tube and provoked smiles and joy among the lucky recipients; a gift of a rose can really brighten up the day.

Don’t be corny

Sometimes a gift of roses, especially if it’s unexpected and the roses in question are red, can be unwelcome. Many women who have received surprise gifts of roses from their loved ones wonder why they have received the gift and ponder whether there is a deeper underlying reason behind the bouquet. Tip: if you are having an affair, try not to assuage your guilt with a bouquet of roses!

A lasting rose

Many people want to commemorate their love, friendship or even the death of a close friend through the gift of a rose plant. Climbing roses make a glorious present in this instance. If you invest in a luscious Aloha climbing rose you’ll be giving the recipient a strongly scented flower with glorious deep pink petals. Every year when the rose comes into bud everyone will think of the donor or remember the passing of a loved one with joy and affection.


The prettiest gardens according to The Guardian are those that combine wild field flowers with more formal plants. If you give a friend a rose you’ll be giving them a gift of enduring beauty that will enhance their garden for years to come.












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