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The Joy of Potty Training! $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Oh the joys of potty training. Sometimes you just want to pull your hair out!

Our twins who are almost 3 (in July) are showing all signs of being ready for the whole potty training experience. I am overly ready and at this point can’t wait until this fun, yet frustrating experience, is done and we move on to bigger better things! During my pregnancy months everyone would say “Just wait until the terrible 2’s!” or “Have fun with the potty training!” and I thought.. well it can’t be that hard can it, just sit them on the potty and wait until they go. Right? Yeah Right! If only it were that easy! And for those of you parents who had it that easy, I’m totally  jealous!

We’ve been working on this toilet training deal for a few months now and we have managed to go in the potty a few times but it’s not consistent and sometimes they just don’t want to. We’ve invested in the whole deal; buying one pink and one green potty, stocking up on Pull-Ups, stocking up on nighttime diapers, even getting “big kid” underwear to bribe them with.. actually they could care less about the “big kid” underwear so we’ve gone to offering them a cookie or M&M’s when they go potty.

As I was writing this post our little boy decided he needed to go potty so up we went.. he took his pants and pull up off and sat down like he was ready to go. Then boredom set in. I began singing a potty song. He told me to stop. He got up and decided this was too boring and wanted to go play. I explained to him that big boys go pee-pee in the potty and big boys get a cookie when they go potty. He said no and sat back down. Then he wanted to read a book. He grabbed the closest book (still sitting on the potty) and skimmed through it and wanted to get up again. I said “How about a sticker if you go potty?”. He said yes to the sticker and then finally went potty, 30 minutes later. Success! Note to self: Stickers are cooler than cookies!

So anyways, through our trials and errors with potty training I kept thinking, man this potty training thing can get expensive and as a mom (or dad) trying to potty train it can get very frustrating, so I thought.. why not reward one of our fabulous parents with a $50 gift card so they reward themselves.. or buy more potty training supplies!

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Leave a comment below with a potty training tip or any experiences you’ve had, good or bad, with potty training.

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  1. My daughter would wait until we went somewhere to want to use the potty. I finally realized it was because she wanted to see what the bathrooms looked like. So one time I didn’t believe she had to really go when we were in a store. I found out the hard way that she really did.

  2. The worst was when we were potty training my son, and were using Pullups. He hated wearing them, but since he couldn’t get out of them like a diaper he would just pull them off and it didn’t matter WHERE we were! We were at a family reunion, and he was playing with our cousins when we heard all the kids laughing… my son pulled his Pullup off and was running around bottomless, thankfully it was summer!

  3. Stickers were what worked for us too! I created a sticker chart, one side for potty, one side for poo. They were rewarded with a sticker for potty, and either 2 stickers or 1 BIG sticker for poo. I posted the chart right by the toilet for them to see (and others, which made them very proud)! Hoping stickers work for our baby (when he’s ready to train) like it did for his 3 older siblings!
    garyandalesha at cox dot net

  4. Potty training my daughter seemed to take FOREVER! Then I realized with my 2nd child that it was because I was stressed out about it and pushing it before she was ready. With my son it was so much easier because I let it happen at HIS pace & not mine!

  5. With our first girl 24yrs ago, I bought her little undies. For this daughter age 2, NOTHING has worked! LOL The cute little undies have no affect on her at all, Wonder what else to try???

  6. I’m a firm believer that they will train when they are ready. NEVER force a child to train. I have 4 girls. My oldest trained at 3 because of so much pressure and stress. My other 3 have all potty trained shortly after turning 2 without ANY training from me. They just did it.

  7. When I potty trained my daughter, my daycare person worked along with me so well.
    It was a huge help!
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  8. I am just starting and so far when I sat her on the potty she has waited until she stood up to start walking around to pee in front of the pot and just kept trying to step out of the pee
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  9. When my oldest was first using the “big potty” my ex left the seat up and she fell in. She was completely stuck in the toilet with onyl her arms and legs hanging out. She was afraid to use the big potty for months after that.

  10. My foster son is way past that age, thank goodness. But it took my nephew forever to get potty trained. He was extremely stubborn. This may sound odd what what finally pushed him into the big boy leagues was the birth of his little sister. He noticed that his baby sister was wearing diapers, and he suddenly became self aware. He did not want to lumped in with “the baby” and within 2 weeks of her birth he was trained!
    Though, I don’t think this is an economically feasible alternative for everyone!

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  11. We’re just starting to potty train. One thing I totally agree with is the big kid underwear…my daughter could care less about that too. One mistake I made right off the bat was thinking that I could let her run around without a diaper for a few minutes. Yep, you can’t bribe her to pee in the potty, but she’ll pee in the floor for free. 🙂 A friend suggested I take her with me to the bathroom every time I go. I guess I’ll try that next.
    hotpepper71 at bell south dot Net

  12. With our grandson we used M&Ms when he went and then he got a check on a chart. After 10 times of going in the potty, he got unwrap a small present. He was motivated to get those. He also got special treat when he graduated to #2 in the potty. Lots of bribing, but it worked. We kept books in the bathroom, too and would sit there a long time “reading” or being read to….

    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  13. i tried the candy routine, where you give them and M&M everytime they use the potty, but all that did was have us in the bathroom all day lol kids are smart!, mostly just be patient, someone once said to me relax ,dont worry, no body walks down the aisle in diapers, eventually they all learn. That holds true for getting them off the bottle or soother or anything like that , eventually thay getit and all the worry is for nothing
    staceyx at telus dot net

  14. Leave a box of cheerios or cheaper O’s cereal in bathroom…throw a few cheerios in the toilet…tell your little guy to try to hit the cheerios when he pees 🙂 for girls…just set her on the potty and tell her to listen to the tinkling rain sound LOL she will love it!

  15. My 2nd daughter was very hard to train. We ended up just getting rid of all the diapers & pull ups & dealt with it. It was a rough first couple weeks, but then it was great. She was 3 at this point though, so I knew she was ready just stubborn.

  16. My daughter was a September baby. The summer before she was two (so many daycares and MDOs want them potty trained by then) I tried potty training with her, thinking it would be easier if she was wearing only a diaper. Well, it was easier dealing with only a diaper, but she was not ready. I’m foggy on the details now, but some time after she was two, she was ready and it happened. Not overnight, but in a routine way sort of like when she was learning to walk.

  17. I don’t have any tips because I was lucky. My daughter did it all herself before she was 2 because she wanted to be a big girl. The hardest part was weening her off the pull ups at night. One time we had no money to buy any so she went without and didn’t have an accident so that was the end of

    hippopurplemonkey at yahoo dot com

  18. We did well with the sticker chart. Also when they start staying dry in pull ups most of the time my advice is to take away the pull ups and use underwear. Pull ups are honestly just a money rachet!

  19. The potty is in the bathroom. My 2 1/2 year old could care less about it. It took his older brother until almost 4 to be completely trained. My friend trained two of her children at 22 months. She should write a book. topgun34er(at)hotmail(dot)com

  20. try to dress them in pants that they can be ‘independent’…but don’t be to quick to show anger at the frustration of oopsies…if possible… try to ask what happened… calmly… while cleaning them up to try again ☺
    …and plan on doing a lot more laundry… lol

  21. Potty training advice: Don’t think that advice will help. That’s my advice. Seriously. Just go with the flow (hahahahahaha!!) and be grateful for the easy days. They WILL potty train and it will either be easy or difficult but nothing you do (IMHO) will truly have a huge effect on the outcome.

    Also: buy lots of wine and paper towels.


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