ReviewsThe Incredible Horizon Organic Egg!

The Incredible Horizon Organic Egg!

The incredible egg is a great source of protein and vitamin D. Great-tasting Horizon Organic® eggs come from cage-free hens that have the freedom to roam. They eat fresh 100% organic vegetarian feed and, of course, are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. Food produced without antibiotics, added growth hormones or pesticides means better health and a cleaner environment. –


Grammy Janet’s Place I cooked two of the eggs sunny side up in a little olive oil. They tasted delicious and I could tell that they were fresh. This was the first time that I had eaten organic brown eggs. I could not wait to tell my son because he is always advising me to buy organic dairy products. It felt good knowing that I was eating eggs that were not full of all the bad stuff. I have to admit that I was surprised at the cost but after learning about about Horizon Organic and their principles I feel they are worth buying for my family. I am also looking forward to trying Horizon Organic milk and yogurt.

The Clan McLeod – I raise chickens in my own backyard. Well, ok…we have 3. However, they produce plenty enough eggs to feed our family, and more! So, with that being said, I was very unsure about giving Horizon Organic eggs a try. I have no idea why! They are great! They are almost as fresh as the eggs from my backyard! Now, I won’t say they have that “fresh from the chicken” taste and color, but it’s FAR closer than other eggs I’ve compared with them! Also, I love that they are organic. If I didn’t have my own chickens, these would certainly become a staple.

She Scribes – There are a lot of articles on the site [ ]  including ones on how to raise healthier children and living an organic lifestyle. People often neglect that their favorite companies have web sites which are usually filled with fantastic information or fun activities. You should really make an effort to check out the web sites of your favorite products. You might be very surprised what you find.

Raising Peanuts – When I can’t get farm fresh, I go for organic eggs from the store. Now, I’m not gonna talk about any farm practices at all, cause goodness knows someone will find fault with something. What I am going to say is that I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that the egg I choose to buy from the store is both free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Because those are 2 things I’d rather my children not ingest.

The Divine Miss Mommy – We recently had the chance to try out Horizon Organic eggs in our household. My kids loved looking at the different sizes available. I let them choose two cartons. Although they wanted to immediately have them for dinner that night, we waited until the next morning.

The next morning, well I should say before dawn ’cause mommy doesn’t in any way consider that the morning, the kids were up and begging for the eggs. We are definitely egg lovers but I am always the one that picks out the eggs. I usually get the Eggland’s Best so they really loved being able to pick out their own eggs.

We had scrambled eggs with toast and some bacon but the bacon was kind of left on the side. My family of six ate a dozen scrambled eggs in less than minutes flat. We liked them so much that we had the same meal that night for dinner. Horizon Organic eggs were a huge hit in my house.
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