ReviewsThe Good Home Co. Review & Bonus Giveaway!

The Good Home Co. Review & Bonus Giveaway!

This review for The Good Home Co. was written by Connie from Miscellaneous Finds 4 U. Be sure to visit Connie’s blog for your chance to win these delightful Good Home Co. products!

thegoodhomecompanyThe Good Home Co provides everyday home care products in scents that delight the senses. I love cruelty-free cleaning products, especially when the benefit is that they look great, smell fabulous, and work beautifully. The Good Home Co wins on all three!

The have five scents: Lavender, Beach Days, Italian Citrus, Pure Grass, and Paris Rain. Each of their individual products are available in these scents, so you can scent your whole home with your favorite, or mix and match. The packaging is beautiful – so beautiful, that these would make adorable Wedding Shower or Wedding gifts! They’d also be perfect for a House Warming party – I know I’d love to receive them!



Their products include everyday items like super-concentrated liquid laundry soap (1/8 c for a front-loader HE washer) that arrives in an adorable bottle. Being eco-friendly, the 64oz refill is available to refill your decorative bottle. Next is Laundry Fragrance – used in the rinse cycle of your wash it softly scents your clothing. Should you need static protection, there are dryer fabric sheets with the same scent.

For the bedroom and bathroom, there’s Sheet & Clothing Spray (if you’re having trouble sleeping, try the Lavender, it’s scented with Lavender Essential Oil – my favorite is the Italian Citrus), Hand Lotion, Soap, and Sanitizer as well as a Reed Diffuser. The Reed Diffuser is perfect for scenting a room without worrying about any dangers (obviously, keep well out of the reach of children). Living with a fire fighter, I’ve learned to appreciate the safety aspects of scenting a room without a flame. He’s gone on hundreds of fires started by candles in his 30-years on the force.

lavenderFor the kitchen, there’s a Floor Soap, Dish Soap, and Surface Cleaner. I especially love scented products in the kitchen. Doing the dishes or mopping the floor or so much easier when you’re loving the scent you’re working with. The Good Home Co doesn’t test their products on animal, but on “good people”. While not all of their products are completely natural or organic, they do use some made-made ingredients, I’m giving them a pass because they are cruelty-free. I’d love to see them go completely natural, but I do enjoy their products, they work well, and they smell fabulously. Oh, and I ADORE their packaging.


I had the pleasure of sampling all of the scents with the exception of the Paris Rain which is my favorite color – pink! But I did love the Beach Day which is very reminiscent of sun tan lotion. It’s one of the few “beach” scents I’ve ever enjoyed. The Pure Grass is more herby smelling and not my favorite, but I LOVED the Lavender and Italian Citrus. Both were fabulous!

I also sampled the Laundry Fragrance – I loved it, but since my washer is old and I had to add it manually at the rinse cycle, it’s too fussy for me. Heck, I can hardly remember to go down and change the wash to the dryer, so this is one step I knew I’d never get around to. Great idea for those with more sophisticated washers and a rinse cycle dispenser. LOVED the scent on the one load that I did try. I also tried out several small samples of the body lotion – it’s creamy, is absorbed quickly,and leaves a pleasant scent behind. My favorite product by far was the Sheet & Clothing Spray. Maybe it’s because I’m been home in bed for three days, but the spray really lifted my spirits. I’m using the Italian Citrus (which is discontinued! Argh! Limited quantities are left – go figure).

goodhomeco_puregrass-222x300The Good Home Co’s website is beautiful, easy to navigate and they’re currently running a special – Save $10 on your order of $50 or more – Use discount code SUMMER09 at check out. Please be sure to check their site for current promotions.

Bonus Giveaway! Visit Miscellaneous Finds 4 U for your chance to win a set of The Good Home Co. products.


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