Chit ChatThe Fight Against Breast Cancer and a Shaved Head

The Fight Against Breast Cancer and a Shaved Head

Today was the day. Today was the day Stacy starting losing her hair and decided it was time to shave it. We were there breast-cancerto support her, but how can you really help someone in that position? I just kept wondering how it would feel to have cancer, to go through chemo treatments, to have to shave your head because you’re hair literally falls out in clumps. I just couldn’t imagine.

To some women their hair is something they can rely on, something they can use to make themselves feel better, etc. To others.. it’s just hair, no big deal. Stacy loved her long curly hair and loved having it done, but as the hair came out the more emotional and real things became. Sure she had prepared herself for this.. even got some nice looking wigs.. but it’s not the same.

To show support for Stacy, both her husband and my husband shaved their heads today. It seemed like it was great for Stacy, like she was not alone in the fight.. and she’s not. Her friends and family will always be there to support her and help her through anything. I’m ecstatic that we can help her feel better.. I just wish there was more that we could do for her.

Last week Mom Fuse hosted a Twitter party in order to raise monetary donations for Stacy and her family. Our goal was $2,000 and we raised over $500 to help with their bills. To some $500 isn’t a lot.. but to them it meant keeping their only vehicle for another month and a reliable way to get to and from chemo treatments. They were overwhelmed when I had told them about their new Mom Fuse “family” and how everyone came together to help them.

We will still be accepting donations until help from the American Cancer Society and other resources come in because they can’t make it with 7 children and only one paycheck coming in without some help. If you would like to help Stacy and her family click here to read their story and donate. I would also love to get some items donated specifically for Stacy.. kind of like feel good items. Items like cosmetics, jewelry, nail polish, bath & body items, candles, books, movies, etc. For the donations of items for Stacy and her kids.. I’d be more than happy to offer you free advertising here on Mom Fuse, a 125×125 button advertisement on the home page of Mom Fuse.. as well as promoting you on Twitter & Facebook. So if you have anything you would like to donate to Stacy, please contact me directly at inf0(at)momfuse(dot)com. Even if you’d like to donate some kids items I’m sure their kids would love to have some new great stuff, feel free to contact me. Their kids’ ages range from 8 to 16.

I also want to thank everyone that made a donation to Stacy’s cause, donated items for the Twitter party giveaway, spread the word about what we have been doing, and everything else that was done.

Special Thanks to because they have created a special blend of spices for this family.. and anyone who purchases, proceeds go directly to the family! Purchase a blend of spices from

Special Thanks to MEAD as well because they donated a care package containing back-to-school supplies for the kids!

For all that you have done  – Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

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