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The Busy Parents’ Guide to Quick Home Staging

Sellers who properly stage their homes may see an improvement in the amount of time it takes to sell and the final sale price. Thus, presenting a house for the buyer will optimize the seller’s chances of selling.

However, sellers with kids may find staging difficult. Simply keeping the home clean day to day can be challenging with children. Below are some general staging guidelines, followed by tips on how to quickly kid-proof staging.

Staging Tasks

Step 1: De-clutter
A room without clutter looks spacious and inviting. Lack of personal items allows potential buyers to imagine moving their own belongings in. Sellers should examine each room of their homes to remove any unnecessary items on furniture, countertops, etc.

Any items or accessories necessary for everyday living should be contained in groups of 1, 3 or 5. The same goes for the outside: Get rid of any items or building materials lying around the yard and patio. Make everything look spacious and organized, including the home’s exterior.

Step 2: Retouch
Any paint chips, squeaky hinges or crooked wall hangings should be corrected. Liven rooms up with attractive window treatments, pillows and rugs to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Step 3: Clean
Once the clutter is removed and the small fixes are made, do a deep clean of every room. Potential buyers want to know what the house would look like if they lived there; don’t scare them off with a grimy bathroom or kitchen.

Tips for Kid-Proof Staging

Now that the house is clean, tidy and bright, how can sellers with kids keep it this way? Accidents are bound to happen, so here are some tips for last-minute fixes.

  • Designate a space — such as a basket in a closet or the car — to collect toys and belongings in case of a sudden showing.
  • Keep multi-purpose cleaners and stain removers throughout the house for any spills or accidents.
  • Establish rules for the kids to follow to help maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the house, such as taking shoes off at the door and making their beds.
  • Develop a to-do list of tasks before each showing and divide up the chores between the family so everyone knows what to expect and the house can be cleaned quickly.
  • Before a showing, open all blinds and draperies. Turn on all lights to make the home appear open and spacious.
  • Open the windows 20-30 minutes before a showing to get fresh air flowing throughout the house — no one likes a stuffy house!
  • Buy some fresh flowers and display them in a vase before a showing to quickly create a bright and inviting atmosphere.

The key to quick home staging is organization. Sellers with families should practice with their kids to develop a pre-staging routine for a low-stress showing experience. For answers to specific staging questions, ask a home-selling professional or browse an online property site.

Tali Wee currently lives in Seattle where she handles the Miami community outreach for Zillow. She is captivated by and appreciates everything real estate related. Tali is also a new homeowner and enjoys spending time on projects around the house.


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