ReviewsThe Big One Shampoo & Conditioner from JLife

The Big One Shampoo & Conditioner from JLife

untitled27“JLife Products are uniquely formulated with the special ingredients of Sea Moss, a form of seaweed from France renowned for it’s nutritious and energy-giving properties, softens and conditions. Sea Moss helps the hair retain moisture naturally.

The products are broken into complete families, volume, straight, curl and special care. Each product was created with unique crossover, multiuse functions, such as: to straighten and add shine or to set curl, defrizz and soften hair” –

A few of our “Mommy Reviewers” had the chance to try The Big One Shampoo and Conditioner from JLife. Here’s what they had to say…

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A Nut in a Nutshell – All I got from the shampoo was silky clean and smooth hair that looked healthy and full of life. I’ve been using it for a month now. And when I got my roots colored last week, my hair stylist said the color was holding up well. Sweet!

*It has Sea Moss and ProVitamin B5 to add moisture. (That’s a plus because I color my hair and it tends to be dry.)

*A mild blend of surfactants gently cleanse the hair. (Again I color my hair and I worry about it being stripped)

*Light conditioning helps detangle hair. (I’m a girl who likes to condition.)

*Wheat Germ and Polymers give body and volume. (I liked the wheat germ part, but the body and volume gave me the shivers.)

Rockin’ Mama – In all honesty, I don’t necessarily need a thickening shampoo, but I really liked it.  I didn’t feel like it made my hair too “big” or “thick.”  It has a lovely scent and it made my hair feel soft with some body.  I usually wear my hair curly.  When I straighten my hair with a flat iron, it tends to need a little lift which is exactly what The Big One did for my hair. It’s very gentle but I think if I had straight, lifeless hair it would be very effective.  One of the things I did notice after using the shampoo was that my hair was very easy to comb (which is not typical because it’s so curly).  I am really anxious to try some of the other products in the line, specifically Catch a Wave (designed for curly hair) and Drench (an intensive conditioner).

The Way I See It Too – JLife’s, The Big One Thickening Shampoo is everything I want in a shampoo. My NY liked it, too! That’s him in the shower, not me!! J Life was created by top celebrity stylist Andrew Jose when he realized hairstyling was more than catwalks and magazine shoots. It’s about people living real lives. Not only did he change the way he thought about hairstyling, but he wanted to provide products that met the everyday needs of his colleagues.

We try to live as organic as possible at our house so clean and pure ingredients from nature are important. I love that The Big One Thickening Shampoo is clear and colorless. It’s like washing my hair in a fresh mountain stream. I like that.





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