Home DecoratingThe best in modern furniture: unconventional furniture in rooms you wouldn't expect

The best in modern furniture: unconventional furniture in rooms you wouldn’t expect

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This guest post was contributed by Tom Faulkner.

Furniture has long been fairly tied down – a sofa in the lounge, a dining table in the dining room, and maybe a small wooden breakfast table in the kitchen, if there’s room.

But people are increasingly breaking the long-held ‘rules’ of furniture, putting statement pieces wherever they choose and furnishing their homes in a way that suits their unique needs and tastes.

If you’re keen to get on board with this trend, here are just a few ideas about where you might want to put a less predictable piece of furniture.

Bathroom Bliss

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We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. Even if you only shower quickly first thing, with a couple more brief visits later in the day, that time adds up.

Compare that with the typical dining room, which only gets used properly for one main meal per day, and maybe quickly at breakfast time too, and you could easily be spending more time in your bathroom.

So don’t be afraid to furnish it in a way that’s welcoming and a little out of the ordinary – luxury chrome taps and bath fittings are one option, but some people are going further and opting for metallic baths and showers.

This is also one room most of your visitors are likely to see, so make it memorable. And like almost any other room, it’s a prime place to add a chair to relax in while your bath is running.

Catering for Couples

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Some people might find it sickly sweet, but if your home is where you celebrate your love for your partner, then make it the perfect place to do so.

Love seats are a cute option – this one is from a Veuve Clicquot champagne promotion, but you could easily opt for a more traditional wooden design, or whatever suits your interior design scheme.

We’ve even seen bathrooms with twin baths facing one another, for couples who like to relax together without squeezing into a single tub.

The options are as limitless as your love for one another, so don’t be afraid to be adventurous.

Redefining Sanctuary

When it comes to your bedroom, don’t compromise on whatever helps you to sleep soundly at night – that’s the one real, most important purpose of this space.

If cool environments are more soothing for you, consider tiling your room. The picture shown here is of a master bedroom in Silver Lake, California, which was opened up to be fully open-plan, and tiled with quartzite stone.

You could tile the floor as well if you wish – there’s always the option of adding rugs for underfoot warmth if the tiles prove to be a little chilly in the winter.

Or, if you like a warm hug of a room, ramp up your use of soft furnishings and plush carpets, and consider adding a chaise to lounge on until it’s time for bed.

Delectable Dining

Finally, if your dining room is the most functional space in your home – and the only room that you still use purely for its intended purpose – then be lavish in your design and decoration to make it into a true space for entertainment.

A statement dining table is a great addition to any home, and something your guests are almost guaranteed to comment on when they sit down for a meal at your place.

Good directional lighting can make mealtimes intimate, or illuminate everyone for round-the-table chats, so a blend of overhead lighting and lamps is a good idea.

And if you’re not such a purist about this room’s function, then consider adding plenty of storage or shelving units, so that you can quickly clear any paperwork or other items from the table when you want to have a sit-down meal, without cluttering the rest of the room.

Many of these rules apply elsewhere in the home, so from your kitchen and dining room, to your lounge and bedroom, do what’s right for you – and make your home truly your own.
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