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Taking Care of The Kids During COVID

As new people get infected with Covid-19 every other day, there’s widespread concern about keeping the young ones protected from the virus. While most parents observe the containment measures put in place, you need to do a lot more to protect kids. Given that some children have already succumbed to the virus, nobody wants to take chances with their child’s health at this particular point in time.

Taking Care of The Kids During COVID

That said, what should you do as a parent to ensure both you and your little ones are safe and healthy?

Let’s find out.

Talk About COVID With Them

So far, your children must have heard something about the virus. While you may want them to know only the good side of life, silence and secrets won’t protect them in any way. Be willing to talk, ensuring you’re honest and open about everything that’s happening at this time. Since you know them best, handle the much they can understand. Even as you do this, give them a chance to speak and answer every question they ask.

By now, they’ve got lots of questions they don’t have answers to, and they believe you’re the perfect person to respond to them. So, don’t let them down. Give them room to share how they feel about the whole situation and assure them of your support. Your child could be scared or confused because they heard someone died of the virus. At this point, be as positive as you can, and assure them people are working hard to stop the outbreak. In that way, you’ll help them focus on staying safe other than panicking.

Spend More Time with Your Kids

It’s normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed when nothing seems to be moving. Schools are closed, no going to work, no holidays – it may just seem like one of the most boring times in our lifetimes. However, you can take advantage of this opportunity to make better relationships with your children. One-on-one time with children makes them feel loved and secure amid the panic brought about by the pandemic.

You can choose to have separate time with each child or have them all at once. Ask them what they feel like doing at this time. Is it riding bicycles with their siblings, or do they feel like interacting with their friends? In case they want to do something that isn’t fine with social distancing, this is the time to talk to them about it. Let them know the dangers of socializing at this time and suggest activities they can comfortably engage in at home.

For toddlers, you can refresh their toys to make their play more interesting and keep them engaged throughout. You can check some bubs warehouse toys and pick nice pieces for them.

Create Engaging Routines

While routine can be boring at times, somehow, it keeps us going without noticing the passing of time. However, now that everything came to a sudden halt during the pandemic, you may feel like days and nights are longer than usual. Even though you can dive into other activities at home to keep your mind busy, your kids may want you to take them for a walk or someplace to have fun, which is dangerous at this time. Since you don’t want to break their hearts by turning down their requests, you can create a flexible daily routine to keep them engaged.

Make a schedule with well-structured activities for you and your children. Be there during playtime to make them feel you also take their games seriously. Each day, rope in exercises you can comfortably do at home as a family. Doing so not only relieves stress but also helps kids with lots of energy.

Check what bubs warehouse sale has in store and grab some play equipment that favours all kinds of games that the entire family can enjoy. During this time, you can also teach your children about keeping safe distances whenever they go outside, though it should happen rarely.

Make Hand Washing and Hygiene Fun

At this time, your kids will have to wash their hands more often than they’ve done before. It may not be interesting, but you can make them love it. Luckily, children feel satisfied even by the little things we do for them. Instead of putting down some hand washing rules to keep them on track, praise them every time they do it. You can even make a short song for washing hands, and as you sing it together, they’ll remember it’s something they should do regularly without stopping.

They also need to keep their hands off their faces as much as possible. However, a lot going on in a day, it’s not easy to enforce this all the time. To make it stick in their memories, create a game to see how few times they can touch their faces and give a reward for the least number of touches. Above everything let them know the benefits of practising all these.

Spare Time for Yourself

You can only give your children the support they need if you’re also in perfect shape. Even though the pressure is too much, now that you aren’t working, find ways to relax your mind and build yourself emotionally and mentally. Stay away from things like social media that may cause panic. While it’s not possible to meet your friends at this particular time, reach out to them through the phone. Let them know how you feel as you also listen to them.

Anytime your kids are asleep, engage in something relaxing to relieve stress and anxiety. Go ahead and list healthy activities you’d like to take part in without your kids in the picture – you deserve it. Since it might not be possible to go to a restaurant for a special treat, you can try out some healthy recipes and have great mealtimes as a family.

Many lives have succumbed to Covid-19. Therefore, we have to do everything we can to ensure maximum protection for every family member.


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