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Sweet Grass Farm Review

Mom Fuse “Mommy Reviewer” Amber, from A Little Bit Nutty, had the chance to review a few Sweet Grass Farm products this week.

About Sweet Grass Farm

Sweet Grass Farm a New Hamsphire manufacturer of natural soap and herbal products, introduces a new natural line of body and home care products….The Farmhouse Collection. Based on the natural cleaning properties of pure essential oils, Farmhouse will make housekeeping a little easier and sweeter. From a laundry detergent to a furniture wax, the Farmhouse collection will cater to all your home care needs. Available in scents of Lavender, Fresh White Lilac and the newsest scent, Lemon Verbena.

The Review: Sweet Grass Farm

As soon as I opened the box, I could smell the sweet scent of lavender and lilac.

The first product I picked up to try was the Farmhouse Linen and Room Spray. I’m a sucker for smelly good sprays. This one was the scent of Fresh White Lilac.

The linen spray is formulated with essential oils that will leave all fabrics, upholsteries adn curtains ligtly scented. Not only is the Farmhouse Linen & Room spray good to use as a pillow mist or a room freshener, but it’s perfect to de-wrinkle all farbics while ironing.

One of the things I loved about it was it didn’t make my dog have an asthma attack. Normally when I spray the house he suffers from it. So I try and cut back on my usage but this time it didn’t happen. So I can use this as much as I want. The smell wasn’t overpowering like most Linen and Room sprays or fresheners.

Here’s Tucker smelling the curtain after I had sprayed them. Now if only you could smell it through the computer.

Farmhouse Liquid Dish Soap– A natural plant based liquid with tough cleaning abilities, the liquid sap tackles the toughest greasiest dishes with its rich foam. Gentle on hands, one squirt of Farmhouse Liquid DIsh Soap fills the sink with lather and and fills the air with rich aroma.

The Farmhouse Liquid Dish Soap really does leave the air with the rich aroma of Lavender. It did a great job cleaning also. Earlier I made Blueberry muffins and had let the batter sit in my bowl for to long. Normally this takes forever to clean up but I just filled up my measuring cup with water and some of the Dish Soap and let it sit. I didn’t even have to scrub it, just a light wipe down. Oh and the bubbles…in my opinion Dish Soap isn’t good unless you can get lots of bubbles. As you can see plenty of stain busting bubbles.

Available in Lavender, Fresh White Lilac & New Lemon Verbena

I also had the chance to review two products from their Farm Baby line.

There are three things that all babies need; love, nourishment, and 24/7 round-the-clock care. It was the round the clock care that inspired. Debbie Ludington, mother of two and creator of Sweet Grass Farm to forumlate a line of nourishing, healthy, natural products that would put any little darling at ease. From her own experience as a mother, Debbie knows that a little lavender can go a long way for both babies and care givers alike. Since lavender is known to have soothing, relaxing, and anti-bacterial properties, the lavender infused FarmBaby collection proves that a relaxed baby is an easy baby.

FarmBaby Body Wash– With Aloe Vera and Lavender Oil. This baby wash is suitable as an all-over cleanser and also doubles as a mild shampoo. Formulated especially for the delicate skin of little ones, this gentle liquid is made from cleansers derived rom sugar, with a dose of aloe vera for moisture. Fragranced with organic lavender essential oil – mother natures anti-fungal amd anti-bacterial wonder. lavender oil is also knkown as a natural relaxant – a soothing treat to calm baby. Treat your little treasure to anurturing and wholesome bath.

FarmBaby Baby Lotion– with Aloe Vera and lavender Oil. This natural blend of shea butter, vitamins and aloe vera is combined in perfect proportion to protect and nourish delicate skin. Formulated with natural silicone, this lotion acts a s a brrier from moisture, locking in the perfect balance of baby’s skin. Fragranced with natural lavender essential oil – a soothing combination to help relax baby during fussy times. Lotion goes on smooth and without the greasy feel. A wonderful wholesome lotion for your freshly clean child.

Both of these products smell so good. I really use you could smell them. The lotion was nice and smooth and not greasy. I hate greasy lotions.

The Farm House Collection and the FarmBaby line can be purchased at Sweet Grass Farms.
Thank you MomFuse for the opportunity to review these products.


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