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Be a Super girl – Follow these Valuable Suggestions

Super girl is a phrase that often gets overused, with people rarely grasping the true meaning behind it. A ‘super girl’ has many connotations, but the one it can easily be narrowed down to is ‘empowered woman.

Most of the time, women wish to be known as empowered. What does it imply, though? It means that you are in complete control of your life.

Being a woman has never been easy. But, as time progresses, so does society. Women have been implementing change for centuries, and this era is not that different. Well, maybe a little since we have a few ‘privileges’ like birth control and tablets to stop periods. However, women have recognise that they need to feel empowered to feel like a super girl truly.

Super Girl

Many struggle with the idea of self-expression and confidence. Yet, empowerment is rooted in such ideologies. So, how exactly do you get to that point? Implement the following valuable suggestions into your lifestyle and begin your journey to becoming a super girl:

What is a Super Girl?

As mentioned above, the exact meaning of ‘super girl’ is often misinterpreted. Many have assumed during the past years that being a successful girl – in life, career and relationships – one has to abandon all forms of femininity. But, of course, you can be whoever you want and live however you wish. But, the previous wave of feminism convinced women that they are supposed to imitate masculinity and be ashamed of their femininity in order to be viewed as serious and intelligent people.

However, that is not true. It is okay to be gentle, kind, soft, giggly, or whatever you deem feminine. Similarly, you can be androgynous or masculine, and that still will not make you any less of a super girl – unless you want it to. As a matter of fact, you can be whatever you want as long as it makes you happy. That is what being a super girl is.

Tips to Become a Super girl

Become a Super girl

1- Do not be Defined by the People Around You

Defined by the People Around You

First and foremost, know yourself. Know what you like, know your hobbies, know everything about you. Most of the time, women lose themselves when they enter relationships with people around them. Whether that is motherhood, friendship, or a romantic relationship, their entire lives begin to revolve around these relationships, and they no longer recognize themselves.

That is why you need to make sure that you do not lose sight of who you are. Learn to enjoy your own company, make time for yourself and do things that make you happy – even if they seem ‘pointless’ to you. For instance, you can try going to a restaurant or a cafe and eating alone while reading a book. Any activity that seems pleasurable while allowing you to relax and enjoy your own company will be perfect.

2- Always Know What Your Desires Are

Know What Your Desires

Often, women are pushed into believing and accepting what others think they need/want. It begins at a very young age, and most girls spend decades unlearning such behavior. But, it is vital to ask yourself questions like ‘Do I even like doing XYZ?’ or ‘Do I want this?’.

This applies to women who are forced into marriages, motherhood and relationships. Be sure of your desires and learn to be assertive about them. Make your wants and needs clear and continue the journey of learning to know yourself.

3- Do not Tolerate Unnecessary Pain

Do not Tolerate Unnecessary Pain

This may not apply to everyone. However, we often see women tolerating pain that can easily be avoided or treated. Especially when it comes to periods pain, women tend to suffer in silence even though periods can lead to other problems 50 percent of the time.

Do whatever seems appropriate and suitable. Whether that is taking birth control, pain management medicine or periods delaying tablets – whichever feels comfortable.

4- Always Stand Up for Yourself

Always Stand Up for Yourself

This one tip always has and will be tricky for women in particular. This is because women have been conditioned to repress negative feelings, be polite, and be people pleasers. Even if it means tolerating disrespect. And, when one defies any of these unspoken rules, then that is when the unnecessary labelling begins.

Although it might be uncomfortable to stand up for yourself first, the discomfort manages to disappear as you continue to do so slowly. Put people in their places and never let any sort of disrespect slide. Also, if you end up displeasing certain people, brush it off. It is always better to priorities yourself than others.

5- Help Others Become Super girls

Help Others Become Super girls

During your journey of becoming empowered, you will recognise signs in other women that will indicate that they need help, too. So be sure to share your newfound wisdom and journey and try to help others in every possible way. There is no better way of strengthening your bond with other women than assisting them become super girls.

Remember that an empowered woman will always empower others. It may be difficult from time to time, but it is rewarding. Additionally, such sentiments contribute positively to women’s self-esteem and allow you to form unbreakable female bonds.


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