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Summer Soles Review


“Summer Soles, LLC. is a foot care innovator, offering “Summer Soles” – chic, one-of-a-kind fabric insoles uniquely designed for use in sandals and other open shoes to put an end to the general “slippery discomfort” often experienced with summer footwear. These removable strips are the first open shoe liners designed specifically for those who want discreet, stay-dry comfort, particularly the millions of people who suffer from plantar hyperhidrosis – sweaty feet. They are also for the untold millions who simply hate ‘shoe squish’. Whether it’s shoe squish, slip or slosh you’re remedying, Summer Soles are pure paradise for little piggies everywhere.” –


The Stink-Free, Sweat-Free Reviews


Tara’s View of the World – It took me about 3 seconds to put the sole in my shoes- just peel and stick, easy peasey! The soles definitely made my shoes more comfortable to wear as well.

I think Summer Soles are a great product. I love that they come in several scents (unscented as well) and they even have some very cool fabric choices like pastel spring colours and animal prints to name a few!

Summer Soles are very reasonably priced and come in single and multi packs. Give Summer Soles a try this summer and I’m sure your feet will thank you! Continue…


The Pink Chandelier – They are designed to fit your shoe from edge to edge to ensure that your feet are comfortable. I placed a pair of their Fragrant Footings scented insoles into my favorite pair of flats and was very happy with them. Each sole is infused with essential oils, so that every time you walk their “special step-to-release fragrance technology transfers microscopic bursts of essential oils to your feet when walking.” They come in two colors black and camel and are available in Garden Party Lemon, Kiss Me Till Morning Mint, and Bare Shoulder Smolder Jasmine. With these insoles you’ll want to kiss your feet not because they hurt but because they will smell so good! I was pleased with how well they worked. While wearing my flats with my summer soles inside them I completely forgot that I did not have any socks on that’s how comfortable and sweat free my feet were! They did not lift up off after a few times I wore my shoes as other brands can and when I want to remove them they will come out just as easy as it was to put them in with out leaving any sticky residue. Continue…

From Melissa’s Desk – Summer Soles are great!! I added the Softness of Suede ones to my favorite comfy pair of clogs. Okay, I know those shoes are really worn-looking, but I wear them all the time because they are so comfortable. So anything that will increase the life of my favorite shoes is alright by me!

Not only do Summer Soles increase the life of shoes, but you can also say goodbye to sweaty slipping feet. They took no time to apply – just peal and stick – that simple. They made my already comfortable shoes, even more comfortable. They felt like I was wearing a new pair of socks. Continue…

Dore’s Diaries – I received 3 pair of Summer Soles in the mail and I LOVE them!! My feet have stayed dry and feeling and smelling oh-so-fresh during this hot weather.

You can choose from Ultra Absorbent, Softness of Suede, and the all new Fragrant Footings. The Fragrant footings come in 3 different scents: Garden Party Lemon, Kiss Me til morning Mint, and Bare Shoulder Smolder Jasmine. Continue…

package_absorbent_solesA Nut in a Nutshell – I especially loved the Fragrant Footings , an ultra absorbent style of insole infused with essential oils which release with every step. I received the garden party lemon scent, yum! The insole is made of a non-woven fabric that absorbs moisture and wicks it away from the feet, even if wearing pantyhose! These would have been perfect for those work shoes of mine in college.

I put these into a pair of my summer sandals and I love them so much! I wear my sandals all the time, and now I don’t have to worry about all the sweating my feet seem to do during the warmer months.

If you dread the upcoming Summer because of what it does to your feet and your shoes, Summer Soles are definitely for you! Visit Summer Soles today to order… your feet and shoes will thank you for it!! Continue…

Miscellaneous Finds 4 U – I’m enjoying my inserts and will be purchasing additional wide inserts for all of my summer sandals. I live in Clark’s of England sandals and I look forward to them being even more comfortable this year. I’m especially enjoying the Fragrant Footings. They come in several scents -Garden Party Lemon, Kiss Me Till Morning Ming, and bare Shoulder Smolder Jasmine. I received the Garden Party Lemon which smells like fresh lemon grass – I love the scent! It’s light and yet noticeable when walking in my sandals, in a delightful way. Fragrant Footings are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.

Go ahead, wear your stilettos or sandals, but use Summer Soles to be comfy and fresh! Summer Soles and Fragrant Footings are available at, specialty boutiques, hotels and department stores in the US and around the world. Continue…

artists-prints-smallMoomette’s Magnificents Reviews – Today, women from all walks of life – most women who work outside the home; are work at home moms; stay at home moms or are retired, love to look and feel great. Many women are faced with tightening budgets, yet are looking for ways to spend more wisely while still keeping up appearances. Satisfying the passion for fashion leads to regular visits to the best local vintage shops, consignment shops and online discount sites for great deals on designer goods, but what can you do to extend the life of items that are already in your closet?

To the rescue comes SummerSoles “Open Shoe Insoles for Sweaty Feet” the chic new dress insole shoe liners that peel and stick and not only absorb foot moisture but prevent it from ruining the lining of the shoe! Continue…

Mom of 2 Dancers – You can trim the insoles to fit your shoe. Trimming is very easy to do. The Summer Soles are super soft, absorbent and have some great looks to them. I can’t even tell you how comfortable these are. We got lucky and had a couple really nice days in Michigan, so I could test out my summer soles on my sandals. They can be used for a variety of shoe types, but what drew me to these in the first place was for sandals!

My favorite pair is the limited edition flower print (the yellow one pictured) That is totally my style! I love the black & white shown in the photo as well, very cool.

That is another great thing about this product, not only does it make your shoe more comfortable, less sweaty, but they also give your shoe a totally new look! Continue…

Le Musings of Moi – Spring is about being fresh. And that includes your feet.

That’s why I highly recommend you try Summer Soles. They’re trendy, fashion forward sandal and flip flop insoles. Not only are they odor and moisture absorbing, but they’re cute! And that is something much needed when you’re wearing them where they can be seen. Just how cute can insoles be, you ask? Well, lets just say you can choose from a range of colors from white or black to zebra or leopard print, and then everything inbetween. Continue…


The Mommy Files – The Fragrant Footings are available in Absorbent Trim-to-Fit, 3/4 Length, or Ball of Foot Cushions. You can choose from three different scents: Bare Should Smolder Jasmine, Garden Party Lemon, or Kiss Me Till Morning Mint. Not only do they smell good, they are super comfortable!

One of the great things about Summer Soles is that they are easy to use and absorbent. All you have to do is fit it into your shoe, peel the backing off the insole, and place them in your shoe. It’s as easy as that! No longer do you have to buy a new pair of shoes because your shoes smell bad or the inner lining is coming out – just grab a pair of Summer Soles and you’re set! Continue…

Mama Sparkles – I dislike the sweaty feeling that I get from walking around in open toe shoes, but the absolute worst feeling is with a pair a adorable red flats that I own. Not only do my feet sweat like crazy, but the inner lining is loose (I guess from the hot weather) and it bunches up underneath my feet which is incredibly uncomfortable. I tried taping it down and gluing it, but it always loosens up again. Summer Soles finally solved the problem for me. I just placed the thin insole inside, trimmed it a bit, and had a great time walking around in my cute shoes. My feet stayed dry and they were super comfy. I also love how there are so many different color choices to choose from. It’s almost like getting a whole new shoe! Continue…


1StopMom – Summer Soles carries shoe liners that help keep your feet dry and feel comfy. They are easy to use too. You just trim them to fit inside your shoe. Pull of the backing and stick it into your shoes. That’s it! Jazz could not wait to try it out. She was able to trim the liners herself.

She loves how they feel on her feet. It makes are feet feel warm and comfy. Summer soles liners can also be used in your favorite pair of flip flops or open toe high high heels. They carry a nice variety of prints and colors so it easy to find somthing you like. We were also able to try a pair of the Fragrant Footings which are scented insoles. Ours had the scent of Jasmine. It smelled so good! Every time you take a step it releases some Jasmine into the air. I want a pair of these in all my shoes. Continue…

An Island Review – At first I wasn’t sure how this all worked but I didn’t care, I was desperate. It’s so embarrassing when you look groomed from head-to-toe and then have to show the world the real condition of your shoes when going through the airport security line. C’mon, you know what I mean. Since you’re just standing there waiting for your turn, don’t you look at the personal belongings of the person in front of you?

I placed my Summer Soles in my work shoes before I left home and I could immediately see the improvement in it’s appearance. It made my shoes look a lot newer . . . and cleaner! I liked that the Summer Soles added extra padding for comfort without taking up any room. My shoes still felt as roomy as always. And the best part was that they didn’t stink! Hoorah! Continue…

ssolesShe Scribes – My FAVORITE product that they offer are these scented inner soles that you can insert into your shoes that come in different scents. They are all black in color so they can work with just about any shoe. They come in scents like “Bare Shoulder Smolder Jasmine” (which is what I have), “Garden Party Lemon” and “Kiss Me ‘Til Morning Mint”.

I LOVE the Jasmine inserts. I can honestly tell you that my shoes smell AWESOME! The scent is not too strong, not too light. It’s perfect! Best of all whenever you rub them (such as when you are wearing your shoes) it releases the scent. By the time you take your shoes off at the end of the day your feet and the inside of your shoes smell fresh and clean. The inserts are absorbent too so they help absorb sweat and order from your feet. Continue…

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