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Summer Fun: Fun and Learning at the Beach

Summer is here which means great fun and learning at the beach can be had! Usually summer means a lot of us will be headed to enjoy the local beaches and water parks. If you’ll be headed out to the beach this summer it can be great fun just running around and having a good time. Did you know it can also be a good educational opportunity? Well, yes.. it can! Not only can the kids enjoy that great outside fun but they can also be learning at the beach while they are there.

Plan accordingly though, you’ll want to be sure to bring a basket or bag for all the goodies your child may find along the beach to bring home with them.  This can also be a fun family experience as well which means you can get in on the action too or just sit back and watch your kids have a ball.

Fun and Learning at the Beach

Try some of these different educational activities with your little explorers:

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Rock Collecting

You’ll probably notice some rocks while you on your seashell hunt and you’ll find that many rocks along the beach will be smooth from years and years of rolling through the tides. You may find a lot of different types of rocks including – agates, jaspers, quartz, jadeite among many others. If you’re lucky, you can even find fossils among the rocks as well.  I never was able to find a fossil rock, I would always look though.

Seashell Hunting

I remember hunting seashells when we were kids and even today it’s fun to see all the different types of shells. Seashells come in all shapes and sizes and just walking along the beach where the tide rolls in can get you lots of pretty and unique shells. You can also hunt for seashells in the shallow area near at the water’s edge for more shell findings.

Once you’ve finished your shell hunting you will probably want to help them sort through and choose the best shells to take home otherwise you may need an extra suitcase to carry them all. This is a good opportunity t teach them how to inspect the shells for defects, make groupings by color or shape, and even plan how to display them creatively at home.


A night at the beach can be a fun learning experience too. On a clear night the sky will be lit of up with billions of stars and you can teach your child about the constellations. There are even handy apps for your phone that can help you locate the constellations from right where you are sitting.

Metal Detecting

Most beaches have hordes of people visiting all summer long which makes for great treasure hunting with metal detectors. You never know what you’ll find using a metal detector. This is probably an activity suited for older children who have the patience for this type of activity of course.

Making Sand Castles

Bring buckets, molds and shovels to create awesome sand castles. If there are a lot of kids in the area you can even invite other children to work with your child to build a large community of castles with trenches, moats and towers. It will be like sand castle heaven and the kids will love it and your child may make some new friends too.

A day at the beach is more than just swimming and sunbathing. With a little creativity, you can turn your beach trip into an exciting adventure – and even add a few “teachable moments” to your weekend.


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