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5 Simple Summer Bedroom Décor Tips Moms Absolutely Love

Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. While spring cleaning may be a priority, it could be time to spruce up your bedroom for summer too. Cozy bedroom ideas with summer décor can be fun and simple.

You are aiming for that summer breeze feeling with a little added comfort as the summer months warm up your home. In fact, if done right, your summer décor can reduce stress and improve your sleep.

Little décor updates like breathable bedding and light summer colors are just a few stylish tips for the perfect summertime slumber. Here are 5 simple summer bedroom décor tips moms absolutely love.

1.  Start From the Outside-In

summer bedroom décor tipsImage Source: Pixabay

If you’re ready to hit the refresh button on your bedroom décor for summertime, starting from the outside-in is recommended. The aim is to let in as much sunlight in as possible to illuminate your bedroom.

Simply changing up your curtains can do wonders. Light and lacy curtains are perfect for letting light in while still keeping your bedroom private. You may even be surprised that your circadian rhythm returns to a natural state, allowing you to rise with the sun.

Beach or nature themed prints on curtains can also give your bedroom that fresh summer feel. There are plenty of curtain ideas to choose from, and this easy swap out can make a big difference.

2.  Put Your Bedroom On a Plant-Based Diet

plants in a bedroomImage Source: Pixabay

While starting your summer bedroom décor from the outside-in, don’t forget to add plants for a touch of nature. From potted plants to freshly picked flowers, introducing nature into the bedroom can instantly give it that summery vibe.

A few bedroom plant ideas to consider:

  • Flowering Maple
  • Angel-Wing Begonia
  • Hibiscus
  • Anthurium
  • Kaffir Lily
  • Jasmine

Imagine waking to a cool morning breeze with freshly bloomed jasmine tantalizing your senses. In fact, a study found jasmine to improve sleep and decrease stress.

What mom wouldn’t love that? Sure, it is another living thing to take care of, but it just might be worth it.

3.  Introduce Summer Colors

Image Source: Pexels

With lighter curtains hung, illuminating your bedroom, it is time to put that light to work. Introducing summer colors into the bedroom can really tie your décor to the season.

Gentle blues, bluish grays, soft greens, and crisp whites will add the perfect vibe to your bedroom’s summer color palette. Think serenity when in the paint department and go from there.

“If you want to facilitate a space that keeps stress at bay, the most calming hues are usually in the blue family, but soft, dusty shades of other color families can also soothe you,”Decorist recommended.

Light Lavender is a great color to get your relaxed and ready for bed, or that midday mommy nap, if you can sneak one in.

4.  Don’t Be Afraid to Get Wildly Creative

bedroom decorImage Source: Pxhere

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to that new summer bedroom look and feel is to still be wildly creative. You definitely don’t need to peruse home décor magazines until you find the perfect template.

A few eye-popping home décor items sprinkled around the bedroom can keep it from being too boring. Adding in a few hot colored throw pillows or a colorful indigenous print blanket is a great way to inject your personality into your bedroom this summer.

5.  Make Your Bed . . . For Summer

luxury bedroomImage Source: Flickr

It can’t be ignored any longer. It is time to make your bed summer ready. This is often one of the most challenging aspects, but doesn’t need to be. There is a lot that goes into the perfect summer décor when making the bed.

First things first, get those heavy winter sheets and duvet off your bed. In fact, just strip it down to the mattress.

Next, begin looking for bedding that is light and breathable. Swap your duvet for a lightweight coverlet, and layer your bed so you can pull up more warmth as needed during the night.

You may even want to keep your bedding within the color spectrum of your freshly painted walls. This can add some luxury bedroom vibes every mom loves.

Is Your Bedroom Décor Summer Ready?

Summer is undoubtedly a special time of the year. Having a fresh summery bedroom vibe to hide out in when the kids get a little unruly is a definite bonus. Think of it as mommy’s little Zen zone, like the man cave, but better smelling.

If you liked rejuvenating your room using the above tips, you don’t need to stop there. You can add a few of these décor tips to decorate your son’s room, or daughter’s room too. How will you add summer décor to your home?


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