ReviewsStress Ease Comfort Reader Pillow Review

Stress Ease Comfort Reader Pillow Review

In his best-selling book “Power Sleep: The Revolutionary Program that Prepares Your Mind For Peak Performance,” and the sequel “Sleep for Success! Everything You Must Know About Sleep But Are Too Tired to Ask,” sleep researcher Dr. James B. Maas discusses the importance of a nightly pre-sleep ritual, explaining:

In order to sleep soundly through the night, your body needs to prepare itself for the long period of inactivity ahead. It needs a buffer between the day’s stress and the night’s rest. You need to find peace and calm in the hour before bed. Slipping between the sheets and closing your eyes should be the very last part of the pre-sleep ritual.

Dr. Maas has teamed with bedding manufacturer United Feather & Down to introduce the first support pillow built specifically for your pre-sleep ritual to provide superior comfort while resting, watching T.V., or doing homework: The Stress Ease™ Comfort Reader™ Pillow, part of the Sleep for Success!™ by Dr. James B. Maas multi-functional comfort and support pillow collection.

Features of the Sleep for Success!™  Stress Ease™ Comfort Reader™ Pillow include:

  • Lumbar Support for Lower Back Pain Relief: The Stress Ease Comfort Reader is constructed with an independent lumbar support compartment to provide superior support for the lower back and help prevent back pain while sitting.  Rotate the pillow and the independent support compartment provides support for the upper back and shoulders.
  • Hot/Cold Therapy for Pain and Stress Relief: To help reduce stress and ease minor aches and pains, each Stress Ease Comfort Reader Pillow comes with a unique Hot/Cold Therapy Pack.  Simply heat or cool the Therapy Pack, place inside the pocket on the pillow protector, and recline for ultimate relief and relaxation.
  • Top-Quality Craftsmanship That Fits With Decor: The Stress Ease Comfort Reader is crafted by premier bedding manufacturer United Feather & Down, a company with more than two centuries of experience as a major supplier of premium quality bedding for the country’s top retailers and hotels. The pillow is constructed of a durable Twill-Weave Cotton with a Down-Alternative fill, for unparalleled comfort and support. Additionally, it’s designed to fit a European Square size pillow sham to complement your décor. The protective removable cover is a soft, Combed Cotton with a strategically placed pocket for the hot/cold therapy pack.
  • Expert Sleep Advice: Each Stress Ease Comfort Reader pillow is packaged with a copy of Dr. Maas’ sleep tips booklet, featuring excerpts from his best-selling books to help you achieve the best sleep possible.

The Review:

“Oooh” was honestly the first words out of my mouth after trying out The Stress Ease Comfort Reader! This giant pillow not only relaxed me but I also had some lower back pain when I tried it out, hoping it would help. I set the pillow up against our headboard and got settled in. Looking at the pillow it looks bulky, but trust me.. this is a wonderful thing! The pillow was so comfortable and relaxing I literally fell asleep propped up against it! And yes, it also helped with that annoying back pain that I’d been fighting all day.

What is even cooler about The Stress Ease Comfort pillow, which is 200 thread count cotton twill by the way is that it comes with a hot/cold pack to help with those aches and pains we get from working so hard throughout the day. Man I wish I had one of these when I was pregnant!

The Stress Ease Comfort Pillow can be purchased at, it retails for $49.99 but trust me ladies.. it’s well worth the cost. For you gentlemen out there this would make the perfect gift (Mother’s Day is coming up!) for all women.


  1. Thanks Jessica for sharing! I love reading book. Every day i read a book before going to sleep. Unfortunately i have a back pain and i have to lay to read the book, and it makes me sleepy. I will try “reader pillow» and i hope it will be effective for me.


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