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Stop Overindulging Your Children

Overindulging Children

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The most important things your children need from you are the basic needs: shelter, food, water, clothing, and then medical care, guidance, love and an education. All other stuff you give your kids are just fluff and dressing, they are just wants. A key part of parenting is knowing which of the things your children ask for are needs and which are wants. Many parents tend to fall for what is termed by as the nag factor.

The Nag Factor

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Ads on TV and social media constantly target children with new and exciting products, this induces parents to buy the products for their children so they do not feel left out or less than their peers. By bowing to pressure, the parents intimate the children on their susceptibility. Many children latch on this to  nag their parents to buy more stuff for them, with the average nag rate for teens between 12 and 17 years being 9 times, and for 12-13 year olds being as much as 50 times.

Indulging your children, in an attempt to make them feel better about themselves, is the action of a bad parent. The duty of a good parent is to make the child more capable and self-assured, than simply gratified and happy. Buying them stuff that costs a lot of money, doing things for them they should be able to do themselves, is a classic act of over-indulgence, especially when the children do not perform chores at home.

Often, the reason behind over-indulgence is in the financial deficiencies of the parents. Many parents in trying to compensate for their financial woes, over-indulge their children. The resultant effect is the parents get into more financial distress, while spoiling their children at the same time. Logbook loans offer an alternative to financial distress for parents looking to provide adequately for their families and beneficiaries. With a Parenting logbook calculator, parents interested in avoiding overindulgence and providing enough for their families can determine exactly how much they should borrow, when it will be due, how much interest will be placed on the sum and thus plan effectively to avoid distress.

Correcting Overindulgence

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Having an overindulgent child is not the end of the world. There are several avenues a determined parent can take to correct the damages wrought by this character development:

•    Patience. Teaching your child to cultivate a habit of patience is the way to go. Solving all of their problems for them, all the time, will only teach them dependence. You need to teach your children that real life problems are settles in seconds. It is the same way with logbook loans, taking one today does not always mean you can settle your repayments immediately, but by using a parenting logbook calculator, you can plan your repayments effectively.

While overindulging your children’s wants is a bad idea every time, it is important for parents to note that showering your children with love, kindness, giving them adequate shelter, protection, guidance, food, clothing etc. is a requirement. Use a parenting logbook calculator today to determine how you can adequately plan to provide the very best for your children and family.


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